Friday, February 2, 2007

Homestudy ...

Our homestudy is ...


Can't believe it even as I write it! We had our last visit with our social worker this a.m. While it was fraught with a few more uncomfortable moments than I would have liked (note to self: remind Atticus that not everyone is as interested in word etymology as he is), I think it went well.

Our next step is to begin carving a little space out for our new little arrivals. Jo's bed is going to be lofted, and a new bed will be placed in her room--converting it, officially, into "the girls' room." No, no ... we don't know for sure that we're getting another little girl. It just makes sense to start setting things up in there since she has more space. If we need to move things into the boys' room, then we will when the time comes.

Our wait could be anywhere from a week (highly unlikely) to a year (also unlikely). Neither prospect dampens my spirits right now!

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