Monday, October 21, 2013


Things have been hard here. Uncomfortably hard. Rock bottom hard.

There have been moments of looking around and wondering how in the heck things got so chaotic and difficult. Moments of trying to find peace, and missing it entirely.

And then, there are moments like this:

When you discover that what seemed like a crab apple tree in your new backyard is, in truth, a bearer of real apples. The eatingsaucingjuicing kind.

And suddenly, a flurry erupts. Children run for buckets and baskets and long rakes.

A cloud bursts, and there is joy spilling all over. And in that moment, you remember that this is just a season, just a moment of life, and that the good stuff will be back again. Soon.

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Kate said...

I am so glad I found your blog! Two things stand out: 1. large family, small house and 2. Little blessing amid big chaos.

I, too am the mommy of a large-ish family (4 kiddos, hubby and me) in a small house, a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom cottage under 900 square feet. We are currently facing our own difficulties with rising prices, hubby's job, health and lay off. But, while we seem to be on a whirl wind of impossible situations, God is the God of impossible situations! Little blessings keep popping up.