Monday, June 25, 2007

You've got charm (personality)

Here's a question I've been pondering as of late: what is the opposite of a Type A personality? I'd like to know, because it has come to my attention that whatever it is, I'm it.

We all know what a Type A personality is. A person who likes lists, plans, structure, schedules and a general adherence to order.

This is, largely speaking, not me. I can go with the flow almost indefinitely if left to my own devices. In His wisdom, the Lord provided me with a built-in balance in the form of my son Atticus, who thrives on a bit more predictability than I normally lean towards. This is a pleasant foil for my laid-back ways, and brings me to a nice, happy medium. In my own opinion, of course.

As of late I have been put in a position of trying to wrestle a shared idea into reality. In addition to a variance in vision, I'm seeing that the biggest hurdle is ...personality.

In other words, she is a Type A. And me? Well .... I'm whatever that opposite is.

I'm wondering if the idea will ever get off the ground. We have already rubbed each other the wrong way once. She's pushing for a formal meeting now, and I'm still feeling relational and well, laid-back. She's wanting an outline, and I'm wondering who'll be interested. She's talking dates and I'm talking flexibility. I'm chafing and she's frustrated.

If we can find some way to work together, we might just cook up something great. But I'm wondering if it would be worth the constant struggle. I don't see either of us changing. We just have too much personality.

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Anonymous said...

I bet it's Type Z! Is Z the opposite of A? They're at opposite ends of the alphabet... so yeah, I think it must be Z. I have to admit, though, I've never heard of anyone with a Type Z personality. I'm proud to know ya!