Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School

... not that we ever take an extended break, mind you. Not that we haven't spent the past two weeks easing into our full schedule. And not that the children seem capable of not turning even mundane things into learning opportunities, but still ...

Today has been the Official Now We Are Doing School On the Record Day.

We've had an auspicious start, which is normally the case with our fall schedule. I am playing the part of human ping-pong again this year, bouncing from child to child, from topic to topic for those things that need to be covered individually. I have elected to stack those subjects in the morning hours. Jo, especially, tends to work faster and more efficiently before lunch, so I'm taking advantage of that fact. We've already covered math (courtesy of Math-U-See), LA (a mish-mosh of customized items), Spanish (Rosetta Stone), Bible, Art (a little free painting to fill in the time) and cursive handwriting for the boys. Then Jo made us some delicious quesadillas and we enjoyed them over some light reading before heading off for "rest time."

And it's only noon!

I know that it can't possibly stay this perfect but, wow ... I am enjoying this!

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