Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Song

I really haven't liked the direction this blog has taken. I feel like it's becoming my own personal whine-fest. I try very hard not to live my life focused on the negative, and yet here I am, over and over again pointing out the crumminess of the things that are going on around me, or saying how frustrated I am with this or that.

So tonight, here's a list of things I am happy about or thankful for, in no particular order:

1. My daughter is turning ten and, unlike I once feared would be the case, she is not cheeky, mouthy or rude. Quite the opposite actually.

2. My husband is willingly (joyfully, even) working a temporary part-time job to bring in extra $$.

3. An anonymous Christ-follower who obviously knew of our need left $500 on our front porch. Talk about blessed!

4. My boys think that "The Lone Ranger" is edgy entertainment.

5. I weeded my front walkway without getting stung by bees, hornets, wasps or anything else that can potentially kill me.

6. Jo asked if we could "please" do school today, even though it's Saturday.

7. My mom acknowledged for the first time today that "The DaVinci Code" is indeed a work of fiction.

8. My husband and all three of my kids have accepted Christ. Family heaven party!!! :-)

9. Logan draws me an entire pack of pictures almost every single day, just for being his momma.

10. Atticus is seven and still thinks it's cool to sit in my lap every morning and cuddle.

11. I remembered to buy coffee at the grocery store even though I had forgotten to put it on the list.

12. Orange peel texture for newly installed drywall does indeed come in individual aerosol cans.

13. I spent virtually all day alone with Logan yesterday, and he talked my ear off. I loved it.

14. I've had a bunch of evenings alone lately, which is a prime way I recharge.

15. I am enjoying a totally useless novel with absolutely no redeeming value right now. Guilty pleasure.

16. Unlike my grandmother, I do not do laundry in a crick. I have a lovely Kenmore that does the deed for me.

17. Jo's birthday list? A 4-H sweatshirt, a rock tumbler, a purple light saber and ... play food. C'mon. Is this girl great or what? :-)

18. Two of my grandparents are still very much alive.

19. My dh has been extra-sweet to me lately, knowing that I'm down.

20. I found that darn folder of fingerprinting documents I thought I'd lost.

21. I've got a good friend that's only a phone call away.

22. My cousin loaned me a load of wonderful books for school, in addition to going halfsies on Core 4 with us.

23. I have someone I trust who I can leave my kids with in a pinch.

24. Fall's almost here.

25. I am slowly building a relationship with my father.

26. My Mamaw and Papaw still call me "Baby."

O.k., I'll stop. Hopefully that long list of good outweighs the bummer vibe I've been perpetuating here and will make me want to post more.

(P.S.--Spellcheck isn't working right now, so *that's* who you should blame if you read this before I get to fully edit it!)

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Anonymous said...

Keep smiling, dear. It can only get better.