Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear Mr. President

Inspired by the read-aloud we just finished, Across Five Aprils, Atticus spent part of the morning composing a letter to George W. Bush. I republish it here by permission. :-)

Dear Mr. President,
My family read a book called Across Five Aprils. The main charicter in this book writes a letter to President Abraham Lincoln and the president writes back to him. I am writing you because I think it would be really cool to get a letter from the president and also because I have a couple of things that I would like to say to you. First, I thought you might want to know that Abraham Lincoln was not a very popular president when he was the president. My dad told me that you're not so popular either. I thought that if you knew about Abraham Lincoln you might feel better because Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the best presidents ever. That has to feel good.

I wanted to ask you about President's Day. My mom said that it used to be two sepurate hollidays. One was for Abraham Lincoln and one was for George Washington. I find this really confusing because they were not born on the same day or the same year even. Actually, having just one birthday celebration for both of them could be really confusing for all the people who don't really know when they were alive in the first place. Some people might think they were alive at the same time or something. I know that's really wierd, but some people just don't know better. I think you should make it two hollidays again.

Last I wanted to ask if you if you ever get to pardon people who have deserted in the army. In the book I was telling you about, Abraham Lincoln helps the main charicter's cousin. This reminds me of when I do something and I should get punished but my mom has this thing where she says she will show mercy. Showing mercy is a really cool thing because you do not ever know when you will get it. Dad says you are a Christian so I know that you know all about mercy. Anyhow, I was just wondering you you get to do this.

You have a really cool job. I hope you enjoy it!

age 7


Oh Joy! said...

That is really cool!!! I'm looking forward to reading that book! Were you his "scribe"?

Unknown said...

Bravo, Atticus, on a well thought-out letter to the President. You've defined several items of great interest. I would be delighted should he decide to write you back! :)

Anonymous said...

Great letter! Did you read the one in the LA 4 IG from the little girl who wrote to President Lincoln? He did write her back! It's the famous one where she suggested he grow whiskers.

I bet "Atticus" will get a reply... probably not a personal one... but just getting mail from the White House addressed to him will probably make him happy!

Anonymous said...

Definitely send that to the President. He may just get a form letter, but it's cool anyway.

G.L.H. said...

What a wonderful letter! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!