Thursday, November 1, 2007

How come .... ?

The Lord very clearly released me from my duties as Cubbies Director last year. I felt it. The people who worked closely with me in that area felt it. The AWANA Commander did not. She has tried to pull me into the drama that is now the AWANA program since this year's session began in September. I am not amused.

Tonight, I was supposed to fill in for an absent T&T secretary. This wasn't part of my required duty as a parent of three little AWANA clubbers. Oh, no. It was a favor for a friend. Well, guess what?

The Commander just called me (3 hours before tonight's meeting) to ask if I'd run Cubbies tonight instead. Sort of a "Well, since you were planning on being here tonight anyhow, would you mind .....?"

I can't say no. Not really--I was already planning on being there, and she has already gotten someone to step into the role I was going to fill. My back is against the wall. Have I mentioned how much I love that feeling? (rolling eyes)

Back to Cubbies tonight, my friends! Never fear, preschoolers, MG is here to entertain and amuse you!


Anonymous said...

Doncha just love organized church activities?

We had to pull our 3yo out of Awanas this year. The teacher confronted me about behavior issues, which is totally fine. I know where my son's faults are.

But then, she referred to him as a "troublemaker". Hmm...I'm not gonna leave my kid in the care of someone who thinks he is a troublemaker.

Oh well. How is the new schedule going?


Heather@To Sow a Seed said...

The new schedule is set to began at 0900 hours Monday morning. Of course, being fully aware of Murphy's Law, I expect the rabbit to decide that Sunday night is the perfect time to birth a litter of too-adorable-to-be-left alone baby bunnies.