Saturday, October 10, 2009

TOS Review: Guardian Angel Publishing

I wish I liked to read ebooks.

I really, really wish that I could sit at a computer screen with a child on my lap, and click the mouse to turn pages, and be happy. I wish that that experience would give me the same warm-fuzzies that I get from feeling a drowsy toddler on my lap and a 7 year-old at my side as we prop our feet on the coffee table and snuggle into the couch with a board book.

But it just doesn't.

I can read for information on screen. I can use ebooks for school purposes (workbooks, etc.), and even for planning. But for pleasure?

Can't do it.

Which is really sad, because I've been noticing that a good number of super-sweet children's stories are being put out in this format. These are generally more the kinds of books that I want in my library; books that concentrate on kindness over cool, and family over fashion. Books like those from Guardian Angel Publishing.

My family received several free eproducts to review from this publisher and while I can say that they weren't outstanding in terms of plot or polish, they were certainly the kind of inoffensive, happy books that my younger ones enjoy. The illustrations were adorable and warm, and the quality of honoring the Lord absolutely permeated each page. But while the ebook price is certainly right ($5 each), hardcopies are $10.95 + $6.95 shipping, making this a slightly pricey book for its educational and fun value.

When you factor in my dislike of ebook reading, I have to give this otherwise great product a sad thumbs down. But can I just say that I feel bad about it? I want more products like this made available, and I want to support the folks who put themselves out there to market to the kinder, gentler readership. So if you happen to be someone who really, really enjoys reading ebooks with their kids--or who can afford to print and bind ebooks that they've downloaded--please buy from Guardian Angel Publishing. They're one of the good guys. :-)