Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(Preschool) Box Day

Let the adventure begin.


Thia said...

What fun!

Luke Holzmann said...

Happy Box Day!


emmelia said...

Oh, their sweet bare feet!! Beautiful little people, beautiful books, and adorable toes . . . it makes my heart happy. I hope they have a wonderful year exploring and learning!

Mamma Sass said...

I just wanted to thank you. Several years ago, I came across your blog, and read about Sonlight for the first time. I was about to become a mother when we brought our 2 sons home from Ghana, and I knew I wanted to homeschool. I just had no idea about how to pull a curriculum together. I had already done some research into different programs, but none seemed to fit. Then I read your blog. I, too am an avid reader, and wanted to encourage that. When I did further research into Sonlight, I knew it was for us. We ordered our first core, and have moved ever forward since then without looking back. We love it, and I pass our love for Sonlight on to other families that I know. Thank you for writing about it - it has helped me to develop a love for reading in both my boys, just as I hoped. I give the credit to you for getting us connected. Thank you for blogging and sharing your family and choices with others. May God bless you and yours.