Friday, January 6, 2006

Angels of Mercy

I made it through the day.

There were moments I was honestly sure I wouldn't. But God sent an angel of mercy yesterday morning in the form of fellow SLer munchkinmom9 (Sarah). A few short weeks ago, I prayed alongside countless others on the SL forums for Sarah as she waded through this terrible waiting game. The Lord chose to take Sarah's little one, Robin. So her pain is still new and fresh, the kind that makes most people bury their heads in the sand. But God crafted Sarah of stronger stuff than that, and instead of ignoring my post, she reached out to me. (Thank you, Sarah.)

One thing she said that stuck out was that she kept busy. Good idea, I thought. But how do I keep busy when I've got three kids with strep laying on sleeping bags in the floor?

You play, of course. We played countless games, including a very intense domino rally that snaked around the coffee table, into the dining room and under a tower of bells designed to fall as the dominoes crashed. We played "Harvest Time," a co-operative game that says its for 3-7 year olds, but is fun for all in my house. We started reading, "Peter and the Starcatchers," a book that has NOTHING to do with school and everything to do with getting out of our own heads and into a crazy fantasy. We made a tent from the couch to the coffee table, climbed inside and breathed the streppy air with abandon while we strung beads.

Did I say God sent me an angel of mercy yesterday? I'm sorry ---God is much better than that. He sent me *four*. My children were in my arms, on my lap--on my back even--all day. Three little angels, my precious gifts that walk the earth and were born to my arms.

We saw the first trickle of support from our friends here as well. My best friend asked what she could do to help, and I assigned her the task of spreading the news for me. My husband asked our pastor to do the same. By mid-afternoon, I'd had offers of meals, calls of support and a beautiful vase of colorful miniature roses delivered.

Four angels? My God is much bigger than that. When He reaches out to hold you, His arms engulf you. Let's see ... twelve or fifteen angels so far, I think.

Before I went to bed last night, I logged back on to the internet. Waiting for me were a dozen emails letting me know that they would call the next day (giving me space ... oh, how these people know me!). I finally checked back in on the SL forums, something I hadn't had time for all day. (Too busy, I guess.) There, beneath my original post, were more replies than I had ever seen to any of my own comments on the forum. Notes of support. Notes of empathy. And prayers .... so many prayers. I ended up crying in front of my computer, overwhelmed with the love I was seeing from people who I've never met.

How many angels? Our God is the God of Mercy and Love. He has at His disposal an entire army of angels who are His followers. Who can number the stars?

Yesterday was awful, but touched by His mighty hand at every move. If you were one of His angels to me yesterday, thank you. I will never be able to count the ways I was blessed yesterday.

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