Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow school

In honor of our most recent snowfall--and the fact that I find it too painful to do school when the sun is out and the ground is white--here is a brief list of things my children learned today:

1. Do not throw hard snow at one another. It is actually ice, and it really hurts.

2. Our family corresponds perfectly with the little "family" in Ereth's Birthday--the kits being a girl and two boys--as long as mom doesn't mind being the grumpy porcupine who barks orders now and then.

3. Mom tells you to cover your ears in cold weather for a reason. Ears left uncovered really do start to sting after a bit.

4. Digging a burrow is no fun in knit gloves. Note to self: purchase actual water-resistant ski gloves next year.

5. It is possible to see water in three states all at once. A brief look around our hill gave us views of it as a solid, liquid and even a gas as it evaporated off a fence post.

6. Sledding on icy snow is even better than sledding on powdery stuff, if you don't mind crashing into the blackberry bushes every once in a while.

7. German Shepherds love the snow. (Well, o.k., we already knew that one. But it was reconfirmed today as we saw our 120 lb. dog dance on his hind legs in an effort to catch the chunks of snow he was tossed!)

8. Frozen bird tracks are really, really cool!

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