Monday, June 11, 2007


Have you ever received an unexpected gift that you didn't deserve?

Yesterday, an acquaintance at church who has stopped homeschooling passed on an entire box full of books and curriculum to me. There really aren't words to explain how this came just as I needed it, or how it humbled me, or how grateful I am.

In this box were at least six items that I will admit to having coveted over the years--little "extras" that I have never been able to justify in our very tight homeschooling budget. I had not even considered trying to fit them in to this fall's budget as we will be attempting to school three children on less money than we have previously used on two.

But here they were ... a geoboard, a state history workbook, a complete set of American Girl Lesson Plans, a very pricey logic program, a thinking skills primer, a set of posters for state studies. And more ... much more.

I won't be able to use everything in the box, so I'll be sharing it with the members of the small group we've formed here to provide support and encouragment. Many of these moms are on budgets every bit as tight as mine. This single box of cast-offs from one family will bless so many. What a wonderful gift.

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