Friday, August 10, 2007

So blessed

As I've alluded too, this particular year has been one big, fat financial struggle. It's not been pretty--as a matter of fact, folks who were homeschooling out of less than an utter conviction to do so probably would have packed the kids off to school and gotten a real job to make ends meet.

Because meeting, they're not.

Anyhow, we've managed. God has provided at the perfect time in each circumstance that has arisen. No money for shoes? Friend J. has an extra pair that Logan can borrow. In need of cool air in a heat wave? We've got two awesome fans you can use. Running low on food in the pantry? How about dinner at our house tonight, guys? And on and on.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when God provided yet again, right? But here I am, awed and blessed and just absolutely

We don't have enough money to buy our SL Core this fall. As a matter of fact, the little bit of money that we did have saved up ended up going to Logan's most recent after-hours visit to the Walk-In clinic for a strep test, and the subsequent antibiotic. My cousin, who lives states and states away, had provided me with the email address of a local friend who was looking to sell the Core we need--Core 4. It's last year's version (very recent in terms of used curriculum!), and she has everything I need, save a few consumable items. I had emailed her for a price list, and was astonished to see that she only wanted $200 for the whole thing.

Now, I knew that this was an incredible deal. But I also knew that the chances of me getting $200 together at once were slim to none. So I replied, saying that I was very interested in buying the Core, but letting her know that I would only be able to make payments, not send one big check. I expected her to say that she had other offers, honestly, and move on.

She didn't.

Instead, this wonderful Christian woman told me that she would send the books ("so you have them when you're ready for school to start") and that
I could pay her as I could.

Can you believe that?

I still can't get over the heart of this woman--and her generous response to my admission of being waaay short on cash--and the goodness of God to provide for His people. We serve an awesome God.

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MamaGeph said...

Doesn't it just floor you when God steps in like that? I am constantly amazed at His attention to the details of life.