Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adoption update, redux

I got our new social worker on the line. You know, the new social worker at the old licensing agency that is now our new placement agency if and when they place us with a child in which case we will no longer be affiliated with the old agency where our old social worker is employed?

((gasp, wheeze))

Still with me? :-)

Anyhow, I spoke to the new social worker. Turns out that she was actually one of the original gazillion social workers that paraded through our home this time last year as we scrambled to get our ducks in a row so that we could begin what we knew would be the world's record for the Shortest Wait for Adoptive Placement by a Foster/Adopt Agency. Funny we should come back around to her, here in the midst of our bid for the title of Longest Wait for Adoptive Placement by a Foster/Adopt Agency. God is quirky like that. Anyhow, the upside is that she remembers us well (was that because were memorable in a good way or a bad way, one must wonder) and therefore doesn't feel the need to come out and get acquainted with us. A simple phone call and refresher on our homestudy was enough to put us on her radar for placement.

We should be hearing from her soon, she assured me.

As if she knows that for certain. And no, that wasn't a cynical laugh you heard. That was a knowing laugh--less Sarah and more Hannah, I'd like to think. God's got this whole thing timed out to the minute, and He's not letting on as to what the end results looks like or when it'll come to pass.

So while I appreciate the confidence of this social worker, I'm not stocking up on sippy cups just yet. She may have a flood of siblings ages 3 and under suddenly in need of homes, but that doesn't mean that they're ours. She may think that we're easy as pie to place, that there's no reason we've been waiting this long.

But, oh, there is a reason. It's God. And His timing.

The sands are slipping through the hourglass, but He's the only one who has counted each and every grain that will lead us closer to our family's newest addition. So while I am glad to have her looking, and while I am buoyed by her enthusiasm, I am still clinging to this Truth: He is in control.


~ Angi :) said...

Wow ~ Hannah and all.


Stacy said...

(A sympathetic one).

I'm over here because Gayle linked to your post on homeschooling (which was great, by the way) but I noticed your counter (562 days!) for your adoption process.

We're in that same waiting phase... licensed for the adoption (through the foster care system) of one or two children ages 3 and under.

I hear you. I continually remind myself of this: God will not let us miss out on the child(ren) He has intended for our family. Delays, more delays, miscommunications, agency problems, and ALL of it. He's got it covered.

I'm sure I'll peek back in and check on the progress of your journey, if that's okay...