Friday, March 23, 2007

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Posted by LotusBlossom

I'm interested in doing the same thing with my kids ages 8 and 6. Can you post a sample of what your schedule looks like please.

Samples of my schedule are really, really misleading. This is the conclusion I've come to after nearly a week of trying to pin down a single day to post about. So, in lieu of naming actual titles and whatnot, I'll give you a glimpse at what I shoot for every day, how's that?

Everyone: Rosetta Stone Spanish, AWANA verses, "Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek!"
Jo & Atticus: Math, LA, Spelling, history activities (SL , WP or my own add-ins)
Logan: 100EZ lesson & math activity

During lunch
Everyone: "Field Guide to Bible Promises" devotional
SL History reading
WP AS1 Adventure reading

Rest time
Everyone: readers (for Logan, that's actually a book on CD )

Early afternoon (for the days when we do it)

Everyone: Science activities, hands-on stuff

Jo: SL read-aloud with Dad
Atticus & Logan: WP AW Adventure reading with mom

Posted by Jimmie

Give us reviews of the books you chose. :-)

I'll try to do this as we use them. Right now, a book still fresh in my mind (especially since Logan insisted on taking it to rest time to leaf through again) is this one, a selection from AS1:

This one book did more to help Atticus grasp the concepts of the American Revolution than any other. It was also really popular with Logan, who adores books with beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend using this one if you're gearing American history to your early elementary kids.

I'm also really excited about this WP book:

We'll be heading into this one in the next few weeks, and I've been previewing it with anticipation! Lots of neat hands-on activities, as well as a sweet storyline. I'll let you know if the kiddos like it as much as I do!