Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. I'm now officially smack-dab in the middle of my thirties, and to be honest, it feels pretty darn good. But you know what feels best of all?

Finally, finally--after seven years of living in WA, seven years of feeling like a fish perpetually out of water, finally ...

This place? The trees, the funky artist types, the camping, the coffee, the independent spirit?

It's home.

A revelation, no less. It may not seem quite worthy of blog time to those of you who have bloomed where you're planted all along. But to those of us who've endured, struggled, and tried to cope when everything seems somehow less than what it should be ... the realization that a place has worked its way into the soft spots of your heart is nothing less than the spiritual equivalent of a banana split. With a cherry on top, even.

WA is home. It feels right. The rain, the bookstores, the sight of salmon catapulting themselves from streams. The towns that pop up out of nowhere as you round a bend in the highway. The mountains that never shed their snowy caps. The beaches that are more rock than sand. Even the air just feels right.

I wonder how long it will take me to fall in love with Nepal. :-)


Liz said...

i would LOVE to live in WA!...not so much Nepal, but you never know!

Benny said...

Though I can't relate to how it must feel to struggle to feel at home where you live, I can imagine how lost I would feel not to be so firmly rooted where I am.

So I am so glad for you and your heart that you have that feeling now to call your own.

And selfishly I'm glad that it's here (near me!) that you feel so!


obladi oblada said...

Happy belated birthday...Wa is home for me too, but sadly, Im not living there right now. I miss the rain.

Sandi said...

It took me about 10 years to get to that place where I am planted.

Honestly moving onto foreign soil is right up my alley. I miss the different languages, culture, food. I miss seeing people excited about the gospel.

Meg said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 34 this year and have lived here in WA for five years isn't quite home yet...maybe as my Vit D. intake increases so will my love of WA. your blog. If you know of any good resources for Christian homeschooling moms in the Seattle area I would love some input...I have a 7, 5, 4, 2 y/o and baby due in Nov. It feels lonely even with my church support.

Camille said...

So glad you are feeling settled...that is a good feeling! I grew up on the West Coast and was transplanted to the prairies for college...boy, did I miss the ocean and the glad to be here too! :)

Karen (KayKay) said...

Happy belated birthday!

I can relate to this post. It took me years to feel like my current home was "home." Years.

Deborah said...

I guess I can't really relate to the difficulties you've had in being at home in WA. I've always been one of those people that has a HOME (the community where I grew up), but settles into "home" fairly quickly in other places too. I'm glad you're feeling at home where you're planted now. Are you really moving to Nepal? What an adventure that would be!

Anonymous said...

You will love Nepal and hate Nepal and eventually just take it for what it is. And, in time, as with any place, it will get familiar to you and you will enjoy getting to or being in the place you live in.

But, don't call it, or anywhere HOME. "For we seek no continuing city, but we seek ONE TO COME."

Don't fight the "stranger" feeling, it is the right one. Be a stranger and a pilgrim. Our home is coming...


Luke said...

Happy Birthday!


Hem said...

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