Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The details (for those who would like to know such things)

Many, many people have asked many, many questions. Seems my little video didn't satisfy the need to know, huh? For those who are curious, here are a handful of thoughts and updates on the current status of things at Casa Blandings:

*I am 17 weeks pregnant today. This is monumental. I haven't sustained a pregnancy this long since Logan, and that had a delightful end result, so I am feeling insanely blessed.

*No, we weren't "trying." As you may recall from earlier blog posts on the topic, hope had escaped us in this particular area, and I had finally found the healing I was praying for in terms of no longer coveting the blessings of others. Apparently, God took that as a sign.

*Yes, we were shocked. In truth, the only reason I took a pregnancy test was because Mr. Blandings and Jo were preparing to leave for Nepal and I was afraid of suffering a miscarriage alone. (Just being honest.) When the test was positive, I was even more concerned and actually consented to the hcG blood test at a lab. My first numbers were not, according to the tech, "promising." You can't imagine my shock and surprise when I got the call with the 48 hour results and was told that my numbers had doubled--just like they should. Still in shock, I consented to an ultrasound just before Mr. Blandings and Jo left for Nepal. At that time, we saw a healthy, rapid heartbeat and a wriggling little Seven. Talk about amazing!

*We are still planning on moving to Nepal. Our current timeline looks more like spring/summer of 2011. That will allow for Seven to be a bit sturdier before we hit the road for our big cross-country blitz just prior to leaving the States.

*Yes, I have a history of high-risk pregnancies. Jo was my only full-term baby. Both Atticus and Logan were more than a month early. Because of this, and the fact that I tend to have pre-term complications starting very early in pregnancy, I will begin medical intervention in the form of p17 shots this week. This is very good news, because I've already started having contractions and having to cut back on my normal activities. These shots weren't an option 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Logan, so I'm hopeful that they will be gentler than the trib I used with him, and still have a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy!

*My biggest concern right now is ... school next year. I have been completely thrown for a loop on how to plan for next year. I'm still processing the whole thing, and will keep you abreast of developments and curricula choices as I make them. Anyone with experience in teaching 8th, 5th, and 3rd grades with a developmentally delayed 3 year-old and a curious 2 year-old while nursing a baby is more than welcome to chime in. Please.

*Yes, we are re-applying for Bee's visa. The application goes in next week, with her potentially arriving towards the end of May. She will only be able to stay for a few months, but we are willing to take that in exchange for time as a whole family.

*The older kids are very excited. Jo is excited about the whole deal. Atticus thinks another child will be fun. And Logan just likes babies. Their votes are boy, girl, boy. Someone is right. We'll see. Which brings us to ...

*No, we don't peek. You'll find out what I'm having shortly after I find out what equipment the Lord sent along with this one.

*Yes, I'll actually post a picture once the baby is born. And maybe I'll even commission Benny to post an update once Seven arrives, if she's willing.


Michelle said...

I'm so thrilled for you. Thanks for the updates. I check frequently throughout the day to see if you've updated, and have wondered if things were okay! :-) (I promise I'm not a stalker, LOL!)

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I am hardly able to contain my excitement for you!

TexasHeather said...

I am very excited with you about all of this.

As for the hs'ing....I am currently schooling a 7th, 4th & slightly delayed K-er. I have schooled the older 2 over the past 5 yrs with a nursing baby, curious toddler, delayed 3 yr old, etc. as the 5 yr old has grown through all those stages.

If you'd like to chat about this, my blog is private for the week, but after that you should be able to find me. Or leave a comment here and I'll check back.

My best suggestion, if the budget can at all support it - teaching textbooks for math. we made the switch this year and the time freed up has been amazing. Anyway, if you would like to chat about these challenges, let me know.

Rejoicing and praying with you. i had those same shots (I think...) with my last pregnancy....still had to respect my bedrest limits (and when I didn't, labor started) but perhaps they'll work better for you. Praying for a healthy baby who needs no NICU time.

Mrs said...

Have enjoyed your blog for quite a while now, so finally de-lurking to say hello! (And Hi Allie! She'll probably see me here.She loves your blog, too!) ;-) Praising God for this tiny miracle - can't wait to go on this journey with you!

As for home schooling, I HIGHLY recommend you look into either the KONOS in a Box or KONOS in a Bag units, especially with the age spans you've listed. Russia or Africa in a Bag would be fantastic! Though it's written for just nine weeks (HAHA!) we actually took each week and made them THREE weeks, so we had 27 weeks and a VERY full year! You would only need to add math and language to these since everything else is in there.

If you choose a In a Box unit, the language is included so you only add math and phonics.

What's great is they were designed for Moms in your exact situation -having a baby and need an easy year! You open the box and teach. Everything is spelled out for morning and afternoon activities.

Write to me if you want to know more about turning 9 weeks into 27!

Blessings to all of you!

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh MG - you're so sweet to share the little details. :)

Congratulations and I'm SO THANKFUL you have the medical support right now to help Seven 'grow in grace and stature'. :)


Sarah said...

I am so thrilled for all of you! God's ways warm my heart. I wish I had advice about school...I've been doling it out this week...alas, I just don't know. Be prepared to hear you should "put them in school." I, however, don't think that is the answer...I am confident you will have a good answer well before you need it.

Robin said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing!!!

blessedmomto8 said...

How THRILLING! I'm high risk too. Haven't been preggers in 20 years! God is good! You are just 11 weeks behind me! HUGS!

Renee said...


Wow, just wow! I am so happy for you! God is awesome.

Praying for you and 7 and Bee and the whole wonderful family.

Camille said...

How wonderful ~ thanks for sharing your journey with us!! I will pray for you Mary Grace...what a blessing to know the LORD is in control of ALL things and HE has this little one in HIS perfect care!!

As for the homeschooling ~ this year we are schooling grades 9, 7, 5 and 2...but no nursing babies, etc... The "advice" I would offer would be to utilise the oldest and rotate them through the youngest. Get the oldest to teach math to the younger ones. (Or oldest teach next one down, and so on...) AND implement one on one time with each of the children rotating through with the others. I have the grade 7 listening to the grade 2 read, I have the grade 5 reading aloud to the grade 2, the grade 9 teaches the grade 2 math. With toddlers, I would have the older children rotate through at 30 minute intervals for play times. Hope that all makes sense. Be assured...the LORD will give the wisdom you need as you seek HIM. (James 1:5) What a blessing to belong to HIM!

Blessings to you!

Jodi said...

Congratualtions!! God's timing is perfect and He knows all your needs. It is SO good to serve such an awesome God!

The Mustang Kelleys said...

Congratulations, Mary Grace! How can I get more information for our church about your ministry in Nepal? Can you send me a message or post it on a blog?

Paula said...

So MANY exciting things going on in your life. Praying for you all for God's continued direction and timing of it all. (((Hugs)))

Carolynn said...

Congrats! What a huge blessing. I have 7 and have had to do Lovenox Shots 2 times daily for the past several pregnancies and into postpartum, it is a drag but so very worth it! What an exciting and amazing adventure you have ahead.
I love my Homeschool this year and I am using Teaching Textbooks for the older children and Apologia Science (so very much fun), Total Language Plus (user friendly) Rod and Staff English (painful but good) Institute for Excellence in Writing Spelling (wonderful). Circle time is the best time of the day and that is when we do hymn study, Bible, art, First Language Lessons, Etc, we do all that together. It is hard with a nursing baby but that is usually when I pick up the read aloud and they all immediately come.
Sorry so lengthy, we are excited for you.

Julie said...

Great news. My pregnancy story is similar to yours. We adopted five children from foster care in 2006. We have continued to pray for a baby but had come to terms with waiting on the Lord. So wait we did. After a horrible year last year (deaths, job loss, car trouble) I was exhausted come Christmas time. On a whim I took a pregnancy test on Christmas Eve. I then sobbed for 2 hours when I saw my very first positive. I had no idea when she was conceived. Anytime from August til December was my best guess. Did I mention it was a stressful year? LOL
When I finally made it into the OB in the middle of January he thought I was 12 weeks. I went for my first scan at the high risk place the following week only to find out I was 17 weeks along. WOW! How God answers our prayers. I got to skip the first trimester.LOL
I'm considered high risk as well. I had to start Insulin for type 2 Diabetes during this pregnancy and start going twice a week next week for growth scans and non stress tests. It's amazing what they can do now. Everything looks great for our sweet baby girl (yeah we peeked). In a few short weeks I will be holding her.
I am so excited for you guys! I was devestated when your daughter was not allowed to come home. While I'm still praying for that end it was wonderful to hear that God is still adding to your family! Praise!!