Sunday, August 29, 2010

A really good reason

Jo at the Fit & Show table at Fair.

I have a really good reason for not posting for an entire week. A really good reason.

No, not that good of a reason. Seven is still securely, happily baking away inside, despite our best efforts to convince him or her that it really, truly is o.k. to come out and play. We had an ultrasound to check for size a week ago, and Seven measured in the neighborhood of 8 pounds. While I've birthed two pounds heavier than that, I'd rather stick in the "normalish" range with this little one, and am praying that showtime is in the next few days rather than the next few weeks. But hey, if I don't meet Seven until the end of September and he or she turns out to be a 12 pound roly poly, I'll happily take that, too. Just with a couple of ibuprofen to take the edge off, thankyouverymuch. ;-)

The reason I haven't posted is Fair. Yes, it's Fair time again here in Western WA. Jo is delighted to be showing off a couple of her rabbits, cleaning barns, and answering the public's questions about all things bunny. Her competitions have all gone quite well, and while it's definitely a huge disruption to our normal schedule of things (how DO people get everyone out of the house by 7 a.m. every morning?!?!) it's worth the effort.

The Blandings will return to their regularly scheduled postings this week.

Unless, of course, Seven decides to make his or her debut.


Sara said...

Well if it makes you feel better, my Jack's ultrasound showed him at over 8 lbs 3 weeks before he was born. He was only 8 lbs. 9oz. when he was born. Those ultrasounds are definitely inaccurate at times. hopefully inaccurately overestimating, not underestimating, right? ;-)

Marie said...

just traveling with the TOS Blog walk and wondering if 'Seven' has made an apperance yet? I'm following you.

Joyfulness said...

I wonder that all the time too - must be totally exhausting to get everyone out the door early every day.

Glad she's enjoyed the fair and the bunnies. What a great thing.

Traci said...

Well now that fair is over Seven should make an appearance. He/she was just being kind to big sis, such a good little sibling :)
Me thinks if you birth a 12 pounder you might want something a little stronger than ibuprofen :)
Praying for you and obsessively checking in on you.
Cograts Jo on a job well done at fair.

Rachel said...

Stopping by on the blog walk. I loved your post on waiting! I need to bookmark it and read it every day. God has His plans, His time and we are to enjoy what He gives us today. Lovely!