Friday, September 3, 2010

Got boys?

Logan, playing the part of "all boy" to the hilt.

I am always amazed by the way people perceive boys. Even a single, adorable little moppet of a boy sitting in the front of his Momma's shopping cart is likely to illicit a "Whoa! I bet he's a little troublemaker!" from a stranger. Making your way down an aisle with four of the little creatures, for some reason, makes people go bug-eyed.

"Heaven help you, honey," a well-meaning lady told me recently as I selected the perfect pineapple. "Tell me that one's not a boy, too." She motioned sympathetically toward my belly, as if it might contain yet another horrendous, messy, wild boy child.

In front of my four sons, mind you.


I have personally always been delighted by raising boys. Yes, yes, they contain little mysteries all their own. Why, for example, must they fixate on certain kinds of humor around the dinner table? Why, oh why, do they eventually want to learn to potty standing up? And why, most of all, do they ponder the most intimate gender questions aloud? In public? With the most volume they can muster? (Yes, there are stories behind this.)

None of these little idiosyncrasies give me pause in the thought of being the mother of yet another little man, however. No matter what bystanders think as they see us unload from our big white van ("Girl, boy, boy, boy, boy ... poor thing!") neither Mr. Blandings nor I has any aversion to Seven being a boy. Or a girl. Whatever he or she happens to be, we're simply delighted to see what God has in store for us.

That being said, I'm delighted to announce that whatever gender this baby is, the truth will be revealed September 11th at the latest. My doctor has given us an induction date based on the hefty size we're assuming Seven to be. If I go into labor spontaneously between now and then, so be it. If not, we'll meet our little one on 9/11/10.

Boy or girl. The wait is almost over. :-)


Benny said...

Yay! So glad to meet Seven soon. And as you know I feel your pain on people saying rude and hurtful things about our beautiful boys RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Even men - as if they are ashamed to have been boys themselves. :o( Well enjoy that girl and those boys and your last days of the miracle of Seven's pregnancy. Cherish those wiggles and hiccups and look forward to finally seeing those big long feet of his or hers!


Erin said...

How exciting that you'll be meeting #7 soon! As a mom of 5 boys and only boys, I totally feel your pain. I've actually had people tell me how "unlucky" I am - yes, in front of the children - to have so many boys :( Thankfully, many, many more people have been very kind and recognized the blessing of boys. But I don't think an outing goes by without at least one comment somewhere!

Joyfulness said...

How exciting! About the baby's induction, I mean.

Boys are awesome. I would of been happy with all boys. But we were blessed with 2 boys first then 2 girls. They each bring a unique blend to the family.

Luke said...

September 10 is a good day to be born. ...just sayin'. Of course, I have an in-law born on the 9th and one on the 11th, so those work too [smile].


Camille said...

How wonderful Mary Grace! May the LORD give you the perfect timing for this little one to come into your home...soon!

AND boys...yup, I have had those "looks" and comments too, but I *love* them and wouldn't change them for girls...God is Good and does all things well!


Lisa said...

We have girl, boy,boy,boy,boy,girl,
and number 7 coming in March. We get those comments all the time in front of the children of course since they are always out with me. I just try to smile and say what a joy the children are and how I wouldn't trade it for anything. Hope all goes well with the delivery of number 7!