Sunday, February 6, 2011

Joy {revisited}

Every once in a while, I go back and read this post. And I laugh. Because as sure as I was at that time that a door had been closed, little did I know that it was only truly being opened. My painful journey through infertility and loss had brought me to a place where I could finally embrace joy. Soon enough, I'd be embracing Seven.

God is funny like that.

Surrender always brings peace. But sometimes, it brings more.


Hilary said...

Oh my! Seven is such a doll. She was adorable before, but the older she gets the more PRECIOUS she is becoming. What kissable little cheekies!!

The Beaver Bunch said...

I could eat her with a spoon.

I'm serious. I've bitten Ella b/c she's so cute. Good thing you live on the opposite coast or you'd have to hide her from me. ;)

I can't imagine being at a place where I don't think we'll have anymore babies. I'm not ready for that place. But with Africa looming in the near future, I can't imagine adjusting to a new continent w/ a new baby in my arms.

Good thing God knows what He's doing, but I surely don't.

Sara said...

Love that last profound. Thanks for that. She is A-Dorable!! I love her cute face.

The Reader said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful (this post and the one you linked). Something I very much needed to read, exactly right now. Thank you.

Susan in the Boonies said...

I think that was how Isaac ended up being called "laughter", yes?

I'm so happy for you!

Benny said...

I often think of that specific post when I look at you with Seven. And I often chuckle inside at God's great love and His quirky sense of humor, too. ;o)