Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: CuteyBaby diapers

I am a sucker for cute diapers. For some reason, prints just put me over the top when it comes to diapering. Sure, a diaper can be completely reliable, a perfect fit, the whole she-bang ... and be plain old boring white. 

It can happen. I'm not saying it can't.

But I am saying that when all of that happens and there's a cute little print sprinkled all over my baby's bum, well--all the better, right?

If you're looking for the kind of prints that will leave you ooohing and ahhhhing at changing time, CuteyBaby has you covered. I'm not sure this company has any plain dipes, to be honest. Flowers. Dots. Cars. Airplanes. Gingham. Sock Monkeys. It makes a fluffy Momma swoon, I tell you.

I picked up my CuteyBaby diaper at my local Albertson's grocery store. Yes, at the grocery store. CuteyBaby has been testing out retail options previously uncharted by cloth diaper companies. Instead of stocking primarily in dedicated boutiques or offering dipes only online, CuteyBaby is trying to break into the mainstream by getting their products on the shelf right next to the Huggies and Pampers.

Now, Albertson's isn't my favorite grocery chain. Our local store is always a little seedy, and on top of that, they seem to charge more for just about everything across the board. But when I heard that CuteyBaby was on their shelves, I thought I'd support the effort and check them out.

Sock Monkeys!

I came away with what is hands-down my cutest diaper. Yeah, I got the sock monkey print. It's not girly, but Seven is more than precious in it and Logan, especially, gets the biggest grin ever seeing it on her little bottom!

My cutey baby, in her CuteyBaby

O.k., so it's cute. That's great, Mary Grace. But how does the diaper actually stack up?

I've been using this diaper for a little over a month now, and I think I can finally make an educated statement about it. It took me a little while to get a feel for this one, so I held off on reviewing it for fear of not quite expressing myself correctly. I feel pretty confident at this point, though, so here goes:

1. This system is completely unique. While it's touted as a wrap and insert system, I find that I can't use it that way for one main reason: the design of the "pocket" makes it almost impossible for the microfleece of the wrap not to come in contact with the wet stuff. Look below and you'll see what I mean.

Yes, that's a hole, essentially, in the middle of the cover. You stuff the insert inside, tuck the edges under the elastic, and put it on the baby. In theory, when you're ready to change your little one, you simply shake out the insert and slide another one in. My experience, however, has been that the elastic and microfleece are almost always damp. See how low the  microfleece comes on the front of the dipe? I just don't feel o.k. putting that back on Seven when it's clearly been in contact with pee. As a result, I use the diaper as a basic pocket. Which isn't a big deal, except ...

2. You buy CuteyBaby diapers as a sized cover (S, M, L) with separate inserts. Covers in my area retail for $13.99. Microfibre inserts are a pack of 2 for about $10. That's $23.99. If you're using the system as advertised, then you're getting 2 diapers at just $12 a piece. Not bad! BUT ... if, like me, you're using it as a stand-alone pocket, then you'd need another cover. That brings your total to a little over $18 per diaper. Ouch! For that kind of money, you can get some really swanky stuff, kwim?

3. Quality-wise, the  CuteyBaby cover is definitely not an $18 diaper. The PUL on the wrap is thinner than all of my other diapers, and the hook and loop closures seem much less sturdy than what I'm used to. It's adorable--but it feels a lot like the bG flip covers, if you're familiar with those. Not substantial is what I'd call it. The insert, however, is simply amazing. This is one thirsty diaper! Multiple layers make this thing bulkier than some other dipes, yes ... but it holds enough that I've taken to using the insert to stuff my bG 4.0s for nighttime. Not bad, huh?

4. The CuteyBaby has one neat little design function that I'm loving--wing velcro! A small square sewn into the wings sticks to the inside of the flaps as you secure the diaper, guaranteeing a tight fit. How come everyone doesn't do this?!

Look, Momma! No droopy tabs!

5. So far, leaking has been minimal. I've had some wicking, which looks like it relates to the thinner elastic on the leg areas or perhaps with the thinner PUL. Seven is in a large at 22 lbs., and still has LOTS of room to grow. The fit is not tight, but more than adequate. I could have probably put her in a medium, but she was so close to the weight limit that I couldn't justify it. Now that I realize the price factor, I'm glad I didn't.

Overall, I've been pleased with our CuteyBaby experience. If the diaper worked for us as advertised, I'd be even happier because my wallet would feel less pinch. :-) As it stands, it's a good diaper. With a little work, it could be awesome. I'm betting that the folks at CuteyBaby will keep perfecting their product. Hopefully, they'll stay with the adorable prints while they tinker.


Unknown said...

What a GREAT REVIEW! THANKS! I was wondering about these. Have not strayed far from my fuzzibunz. AFRAID OF CHANGE LOL!

Susan said...

Oh My Gosh! That sock monkey is too cute!! I probably need a couple!

Anonymous said...

I saw these at our local Jewel. Glad to see a review.