Monday, June 6, 2011


"Your little brother is retarded."

"Huh? Which one?"

"The really short one."


"No, no. The other one. The one that doesn't grow. My mom said he's retarded."

"Oh, Oli. He has special needs."

"He's retarded."

"You keep saying that. Is it supposed to mean something to me?"

"Duh. Your. brother. is. retarded."

"Maybe. But at least he's not rude."

"Well I'm not coming down here to play with any retarded kids."

"That's alright. I think we'd rather play with Oli anyhow. You should probably go and find some really smart kids to play with. Kids who value intelligence over, say, manners, huh?"

Jo, you make this momma proud. And to think ... I worried what having a special needs child might mean to my other, neurotypical kids. Turns out that what it means is compassion, day in, day out. Compassion and love.


Kelly said...


Michelle said...

Jo is awesome!!!

Kate said...

Handled just right!

Bob and Cheri said...

Perhaps I should come and take lessons from Jo, because I'd of likely slugged the kid.

Sabrina said...

Lovely. Simply Lovely. Your response was perfect. Thank you Jo for being such an awesome kid!

Jennifer Jo said...

Did that conversation actually happen! It's amazing! (And from all the strange comments you guys are always getting, it makes me wonder what type of people you live around!)

Good job, Jo!

HS said...
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mary grace said...

Sadly, a real conversation I overheard Jo having with one of the *Christian* kids down the street. I, too, am continually shocked at what people feel perfectly justified in letting out of their mouths. At least when it's children, you can shrug it off a bit, right?

Sandi said...

Beautiful... obviously from a girl who gets it!

Susan in the Boonies said...

Jo's apple hasn't fallen far from her Momma's tree.

Chef Penny said...

Amen, Jo, Amen!

G5 said...

Good for her.


Charlotte in MN said...

Love it. You are raising great people.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Kids usually repeat what they hear their parents say.

That's true for both sides of this conversation.

Anonymous said...

That girl is a keeper. I am a proud cyber-auntie.