Monday, March 5, 2012


Almost spring.

Almost warm.

Almost sun.

Almost listening to the birds.

Almost windows wide open.

Almost bulky sweaters packed away.

Almost frogs singing us to sleep at night.


But not quite. Because as I type this, it is snowing. Great, white flakes showering from the sky and already blanketing Jo's rabbit hutches, the naked garden boxes, the crocuses that jumped the gun and shot through the damp soil just a little too soon.

Almost spring.

But --in Western Washington at least-- still winter.


Tammy said...

So far we still just have a gray sky with some blue patches in it. No snow *yet*. Yesterday was SO nice!!

Overwhelmed! said...

What lovely pictures you share! Beautiful. I envy you your snow. We live in FL and don't see any of the white stuff. But, at least we have the beach, right? :)

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