Friday, May 11, 2012

Waiting for answers ...

The appointment went well. So much confirmation that I am not crazy, I nearly fell on my knees thanking God for the opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable person in this area. 

Making a birdfeeder
After an hour-long question-and-answer/counseling session, Seven was examined and got to donate a couple of vials of blood for the cause. Like the trooper she is, she didn't even whimper during the needle part, but instead snaked her free arm up to pat my cheek and locked eyes with Logan, who was cheering her on. She got a milkshake on the way home in honor of her bravery. (Note for anyone else with a plastic-sensitive kid: keep clean canning jars with holes punched in the lids and a supply of paper straws in your car, because NO ONE carries plastic-free serving stuff.)

So now we wait. We wait for a picture filled in with color where before there was only an outline. We're looking for "background" allergies, other sensitivities, anything that might be exacerbating this whole plastic issue. 

We wait for some feedback, too, on how we're doing keeping the toxins at bay in our little girl's life. All of this will, by the will of God, give me room to breathe a little more freely when I see Seven head for a slide (always plastic), receive an invite to play at someone else's house (Playskool! Little Tykes! Step One!), or find that one of the bigger boys has inadvertently handed the toddler a frisbee. Our hope is that by minimizing contact we can keep her overall exposure to reasonable levels (whatever those are) and not have to sweat it as much in uncontrolled situations.

That's the hope, at least. 

We'll see what the report card says. Maybe there's something else lurking there, combining with the plastics to hobble our little girl's immune system. Maybe it's something relatively easy (you have no idea what I'd give to have it be something like eggs or dairy). Maybe it's something that I don't even want to ponder; the allergist threw out cedar as a potential issue, and I nearly swooned. Do you have any idea how hard it would be to deal with an allergy to cedar in Western Washington?!?! 

Thank you so much for praying. 


Steve Finnell said...

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Susan said...

I will continue to pray. My grandson was quite allergic to plastic when he was younger, but he can tolerate it fairly well now (which is really good for his 9 year old lego obsession) My daughter has eliminated nearly all plastics from their home, as well as keeping a close watch on high allergen foods and it seems to be keeping him on an even keel most of the time.

EllaJac said...

Cedar indeed! That would be unreal...!
I'm so glad your doctor understands and seems familiar with Seven's sensitivity. That is a tremendous blessing. I hope the results are illuminating.
Do you expect Nepal to be better or worse for Seven? I remember in Tanzania some years ago EVERYONE had and used brightly colored plastic dishware - bowls for washing, plates, teacups - like knock-off tupperware. I remember it surprised me because their homes were sticks, dung and leaves! (I'm not sure what I expected instead.)