Monday, April 22, 2013

The privilege and the burden

Whenever the world is rocked by shocking atrocity-- which happens, it seems, all too often-- I find myself drawn not just to the comfort of my family and home, but also to the knowledge that I am doing something.

With every diaper I change, every smile I offer, every question I answer, every book I recommend, every good habit I encourage, every meal I serve, every story I tell, every hurt I soothe, every song I sing, every choice I explain, I am doing something of infinite, eternal value. 

I am a peace activist. A teacher. A nurse. A judge. A mentor. A discipler of such varied arts as one person can possibly muster. I am the one who points out the wrongs and applauds the rights. I am the champion of justice, the voice of reason, and the hero of the underdog. 

I nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of children who will impact the future of this world with their passions, talents, and gifts. I multiply my own gifts to this world exponentially with every little person entrusted to me. It is a privilege, yes. But it is a burden as well.

Because the future, clearly, needs people of purpose, people of love, and people whose faith leads them to gentleness. Until Jesus returns, it is our job to lead children to this water. We cannot, of course, make them drink. But we can offer it up, model it, and make it irresistible.

We can do something. Simply being a mother ... that, I think is the most powerful thing.

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Becky said...

Amen! Thank you so much for this post. I am so grateful for the blessing I have to be a mother. We are doing God's work!