Monday, May 13, 2013

The win

And the winners are ...

They pointed out the sign during our weekly library trip. 

"It's a video contest. The whole two-county library system! You enter a book trailer for a chance to win $150," Atticus told me eagerly. Film, you see, has become his thing--so much so that the tiny flip camera we bought a few years back has become an extension of his hand.

"Do it," I suggested.

Mr. Blandings went a step further.

"It's a school assignment," he decreed. "You two work together. Write the script. Storyboard it. The whole deal. Start to finish. You have one week."

So they did. For one solid week, everything besides math was pushed aside for these two to make way for this one delight-driven project. It was consuming. Fun. Laborious. Thrilling. Nerve wracking. I watched them work from afar, waiting until the premier to see what they'd been up to in their creative frenzy.

When the end result debuted, I was impressed. Not shabby for two kids, a $100 camera, and some pre-installed movie making software. But who knows what the competition is bringing to the table, I thought. Let's be prepared for disappointment.

Lo and behold, they won.

Yet another reason why homeschooling teens is, in my opinion, awesome.