Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cast Your Vote

I followed a link from Mother Joy's blog to the site. Why? Because ... (truth comes out) I have seen and coveted these stickers for the past three or four years. They are just too cute. Plus, I think they are great advertisements for families that exceed the one child limit here in the PNW. :-) So ... here are my two potentials thus far. Whatcha' think would look better on the back of a black '99 Suburban? Feedback required, y'all. :-)

Choice A--

Choice B--


Unknown said...

Hands down, choice #2!!

I love the 'action' shot! :)

Anonymous said...

You had asked on you HSB blog if it's any better. I haven't been able to log on over there for nearly 2 months, except hit and miss. My ISP says they share addresses with The Old Schoolhouse and this is the problem--each needs a seperate address.
BTW, I like choice #1 myself.

Anonymous said...

Aww! We've been wanting one, too. Now I'll have to follow the link and see what they have for us. (Gotta have a dog on ours!)

I like your choice #1, too. The action shot is fun... but just seems too busy for the back of the Suburban.

Anonymous said...

I like choice A.

We have Disney ones. The mom, dad and boys are wearing Mickey ears and the girls are dressed as princesses.

Heather@To Sow a Seed said...

DISNEY ONES?!?! No one told me! Where? Where?

Mrs. CP said...

Choice A, definitely. Choice B is cute but too busy.

Anonymous said...

Definitely choice B.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Disney ones. You can buy them at Disneyland, too, if you need an excuse to go.
Disney Family Stickers