Thursday, October 11, 2007


Logan is home--tonsil- and adenoid-free. The surgery went quickly, and the pre-operative procedures (IV, bp check, explanations, etc.) were extremely child-friendly. Logan handled it all with relative poise ... and lost all sense of five year-old decency once the heavier drugs hit his system. :-) To be expected!

Afterwards, he was treated to the ultimate joy: a video on the history of the White House, featuring a tour and introduction by George W. Bush. You really have to know my boy in order to understand the significance of this treasure! "Pooh and presidents," we laugh sometimes; two of Logan's most intense passions are pretty far apart on the spectrum of childhood interests. As far as we're concerned, the video was like the hand of God sweeping down into the recovery room. I mean really, why else would a video like that be there, among the copies of "Pinocchio," "Beauty and the Beast," "Men in Black," "Air Bud," and the like?

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