Sunday, May 3, 2009

TOS Review: Homeschooloing ABCs (newbies, you MUST get this!)

One day, I sat down to compile a list of all the answers to all of the questions I get from folks interested in/new to homeschooling. I threw in the basics-- "What about socialization?" and "Where do I find curriculum?"--and some of the harder to answer ones, too (such as "What do I do with my babies and toddlers?"). My hope was that I could create this master file pdf and send it to the people who contacted me about our support group expressing an interest in getting started. Talk about a timesaver for me!

Within about forty minutes, though, I was discouraged and sure that there was no way I was ever going to put all of these thoughts into one concise package. So I quit because, you know ... someone probably had a poopy diaper or something.

I forgot all about my list, and my great plans for this wonderful, all-inclusive guide to the beginnings of homeschooling died.

Little did I know someone else was at work on the same thing--and that person not only had the wherewithal to dig for deeper questions, put also the eloquence to put them together in a format so practical and easy to use that frankly, it's a must have.

The series is called Homeschooling ABCs, and it's authored by Terri Johnson. Terri's talent for speaking directly to the scared-but-excited part of our hearts is an absolute treat; I can imagine myself as a timid newbie feeling completely empowered by the ideas, analogies and simple how-tos that Terri writes about in this series.

Delivered to your email in-box in 26 weekly lessons, Homeschooling ABCs hits on so much more than any one homeschooling mentor can offer you. Some highlights:

  • Determine YOUR philosophy of education -
  • By understanding what you believe about education, you will be able to impart that education more strategically to your children. And stay more focused and on-track!
  • Understand your children's learning styles - We all learn differently, there is no doubt about that. When we understand how our child learns best, we can cater his education specifically to him.
  • Learn the ins and outs of buying & selling curriculum - Let's face it, if we need to buy curriculum to successful teach our children, we might as well learn to buy it right!
  • Find out how to get and stay organized -
  • You and your children will function better when your school day, school area and school work are well organized.
  • Learn how to teach multiple ages at the same time - Most of us do not just have 1 child and so it helps to learn how to teach more than one child at more than one grade level. You CAN excel at this!
  • Make the most of field trips - Field trips can take school from good to great. Find out how to optimize learning while still having fun.
  • How to handle the "S" question - Socialization -
  • People will constantly ask you how you are socializing your children. Have an answer and a plan.
  • How to start each day WELL and keep it going that way - Keep your children motivated, stay cheerful in their attitudes and quick to finish their schoolwork

Written with enthusiasm and authority, these lessons are the instruction manual that I wish I'd had before I took on the job of teaching my own. I honestly plan on printing the entire series and passing it on to Jo in the hopes of encouraging her toward homeschooling the next generation. Homeschooling ABCs is everything you are trying to glean from a whole library of homeschooling guides, and more. All in one place.

How convenient is that?

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Heather said...

that's awesome. thank you so much for letting us know about this. i'm going to sign up!