Thursday, May 14, 2009

What does your heart say?

Quiet your mind. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Then watch this:

And now, take a look at this post on Hands Full, HEARTS full, Quiver full. And this one on Banku, Pho and Fried Spiders.

If you need another nudge, leave me a comment with your most pressing questions about adoption. If I can't set your mind at ease, there are plenty of other readers here who would be happy to share their stories with you. You can always repay them with prayers for their adoption journey!

And promise me this--promise that you'll ask yourself what's holding you back.

Because folks, there's a whole lot of children who need homes. Homes just like yours. Imperfect. A little chaotic. Messy, even. Houses too small. Run by fallible Mommas and Daddies. Without sprawling backyards. With $10,00 per year in the annual paycheck than they'd like.

Just ask yourself, o.k.?


Barry and Amy said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

My heart has always said I wanted to adopt. Always. Just having a hard time getting there since God has blessed us over and over with pregnancies...

Luke Holzmann said...

"what's holding you back"

Political issues in Kyrgyzstan. That's what's holding us back from our three kids.

Prayers are always, always, always welcome.

~Luke (still waiting, and still rather impatient)

Unknown said...

Someday.. Someday.. I wish it were today. I just know that someday the Lord will tell us its time. But for now Im busy filling out recommendations for people in our church to adopt and encouraging teen mom's to give thier babies up for adoption instead of terminating. Someday.. Pray for the Husband and I. Maybe someday will be sooner than we think. :) Wonderful post.

Beth said...

I say bring me those babies!!! The Husband says that I can't save them all. Fiddle sticks. I guess he's right. But even if we adopt one or two kids, we have made a huge impact in their lives, and that is awesome.

We thought finances would hold us back, but God led us to adopt through fostering. The adoption of our foster son will cost us a whopping $50, and because he was born drug addicted, he will receive Medicaid and a monthly "adoption assistance" check (until he turns 18!). This is HUGE for us, and made me realize that ANYBODY can adopt. God is faithful to those who are obedient.

jennifer said...

I think the only thing holding us back at this point is the getting started part; not knowing what to do to get started. We're moving forward, though... I think.

The other thing that has held us back is an older child in our family that always wished to be an only. Obviously she isn't an only, but the huge fit she threw when we found out we were pregnant the last time has never left my mind.

We keep praying.

Anonymous said...

God, time, money, the economy, life, fear. You name it.
Been 'in process' for over three years now.
I'm emotionally worn out :(