Tuesday, May 9, 2006

"I love you"

I was completely and utterly blessed by this moment today and had to share.

My boys were sitting in front of the computer doing a lesson on (a recommended phonics resource, by the way). The lesson involved the special sound "ack." Ds5 had to say the word that appeared on the screen, click on it and then find it again in a sentence.

It just so happens that little brother (ds3) is named "_ack." And it also just so happens that his name popped up as a word continually in the story they were working on.

Here's where the blessing comes in.

As I was wiping down the bathroom sink, I kept hearing ds5 saying, "I love you." I thought it was part of the story and paid little attention. Then I realized he was saying it an awful lot for a little story exercise. I mean, I know those things are repetitive, but come on!

I peeked around the corner and got the real story. The name "_ack" kept coming up to be read aloud and clicked on. And every single time he saw it, ds5 would say, "_ack, I love you" and click. Ds3 would then peck his big brother's cheek in a kiss.

Can I admit to tearing up? O.k.. ... can I admit to slinking back into the bathroom, crying softly and praising God for my kids, my life and two boys who adore each other enough to spontaneously revel in their love?

I love these moments, these priceless tidbits of time showered upon us by our Maker. And I am SO glad I took two seconds to drop that sponge and take a closer look at the scene in front of the computer this morning.

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