Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Thanks to InsectLover I now have to reveal 6 random things about myself. ;-) Actually, I don't mind one bit. Randomness suits me quite well. Ask anyone who knows me, and I bet their summation of me would probably be pretty close to the definition of "random"!

Random thing #1: I don't like to touch the cotton balls that come in the top of tylenol bottles.This is completely true. I bet you didn't even know anyone cared about such things, but I, for one, do.

Random thing #2: I am terrified of winding mountain roads. I added this one because I recently admitted to my best friend that I walk up part of a mountain rather than ride with my family because I can't handle the crush of my own fear. She found this so hilarious that I realized I must be a total freak. ;-) Anyhow, too many years of riding through hollers in the bed of a pickup while trying to keep the stick of my fudgsicle from poking through the roof of my mouth have cemented this terror for me, and there's no going back!

Random thing #3: I like old houses. The older the better, actually. You know how Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a mansion for us? Well, since He knows my heart, I'm expecting an American Folk Victorian from about 1900. And a clawfoot bathtub.

Random thing #4: I am contemplating using an inverted Burger King crown as a template for a stencil on my downstairs walls. I saw it in a library book on decorating. It looked really nice, actually. The problem here is that the idea of going into a Burger King makes me slightly queasy, so I'm not sure how I'll collect the crowns. Or how I'll get my husband to go for the idea.

Random thing #5: My daughter's middle name is not my maiden name, as most people assume. It's the surname of a poet dh and I adored in college. The problem? I now find her work decidedly yuck, thanks to the lenses Christ has given me in discerning things of that nature. But, alas, we are stuck with it.

Random thing #6: In high school and college, I wore an ankle bracelet of bells at all times. For no other reason than the fact that I liked the sound.

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