Thursday, July 19, 2007

Building our library of games

O.k., o.k. I hear you. I've been MIA for almost an entire month. I'm sorry. Life in the summer tends to be a bit more hands-on than I expect, and my computer time dwindles to nearly nothing. When we get back on a regular schedule, I'll pick up in my posting. Promise.

Yesterday, I traveled to a local used store and picked up $32 worth of new (to us) games to add to our collection. As Logan grows and enters a similar level of game play as Jo and
Atticus, I'm finding that "Ants in the Pants" and "Don't Spill the Beans" are being left on the shelves more and more, and things like "The Lewis and Clark Adventure" are in rotation more often. Games are so darn expensive that I can rarely fit them into our budget, so the used store is a nice compromise. For my $32, I bought 6 games. Here they are:

One I have wanted ever since I saw it for $24.95 in a Rainbow Resources catalog about four years ago. I paid
$10. It was the most expensive game, but I think it'll be worth it!!!
One for Logan to play with a new little brother or sister:
This one has already been played
twice. I guess that means it was worth the $3.50 I paid for it!

Logan was tickled to death to find this one. He used his own money to buy it, and spent part of the morning leafing through the reproduction cards and categorizing them.

Because we are
homeschoolers. Because we are history geeks. Because my family would love to be on a PBS reality series like "Colonial House," but the closest we get is board game reenactments.

And, just for fun--a game
dh played with his grandmother as a little boy. He is itching to play it with the kids. I sure hope it lives up to his memory!

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Mama Bear said...

That's awesome! I'd love the "Fine Art Game" and "Made for Trade" for here.