Friday, July 20, 2007

Still waiting

A lot of people have asked, so I am posting an update here. Yes, we are still waiting for news on a placement for adoption. Since we are completely finished with all paperwork and other such, we have been in the official "hurry up and wait" holding pattern for what feels like years. Our agency is very careful not to give you false hope in the form of "could be," which is both a blessing and a curse. While I'm happy not to be pining for a child that the Lord never meant to be mine, there are certainly days when I could do with the proverbial dog's bone, if you know what I mean.

The children are fairing far better than dh and I. Jo prays every night that the Lord will help those at the agency find the children that He intends for us, and never forgets to add, "And
please, make one of them be a girl." I'm praying for her sake that her reaction--should her new siblings be brothers and nary a sister--is similar to the one she had when she so desperately wanted Logan to be a girl. Despite the fact that he is every inch a male, she joyfully accepted another brother without skipping a beat.

For his part, dh has taken to hijacking babies at church service and picnics. I've never seen him so eager to give parents of infants such a helping hand! The other day, in a burst of exceptional sweetness, he bought me a small token to mark the time of waiting. Here it is:
I think that sums this season up perfectly.

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