Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bio Dad canceled today's visit. He wasn't a no-show; he called in ahead of time to cancel outright. That means that the smiling, giggling baby that I woke up to this morning will still be a smiling, giggling baby when I put him down to sleep tonight.

Not sure exactly how to process all of this. Is it o.k. to be happy when someone else is clearly allowing their life to fall apart? What if that person has no desire to make it better? What if it's a forgone conclusion that said person wasn't up to the task to begin with?

Lots of holes, I know, readers. I wish I were at liberty to fill some of them in, but honestly, I probably still wouldn't. This is Oliver's story, not mine. There are some things that belong to him. I am only the caretaker--and I need to guard them as jealously as I can for him.

Tomorrow is Bio Mom's second scheduled visit.


Oh Joy! said...

Yes, it's ok to be happy for Oliver's sake. I'm glad that Oliver will have a happy day!

I do feel sorry for the bio dad because that has got to be hard. :( I wonder if he knows that he knows he will never have his son again?

Jess said...

What an interesting story you're in the middle of! Followed your link from SL forums and I'm finding so much to enjoy here at your blog.

We, too, might pursue adoption in the future at some point, and I'm always interested to hear about others' experiences in that area.

Glad I stopped by...