Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random thoughts on homeschooling

There's no way I'd know my children as well as I do if I sent them off to learn under someone else's wing all day.

My kitchen counters rival many libraries in terms of sheer variety of literature.

Logan will, someday, pick up a book and fall in love. Granted, it will probably be a biography of a painter.

I love looking ahead to next year.

I can't believe I only get to homeschool Jo for another six years or so.

The next Core is always the best Core.

How come it's summer and I'm trawling the internet, looking for fun day trips ... and they all have educational themes?

Am I the only one whose children take it for granted that when you plant something in the ground, you measure it and chart growth?

I tested Atticus' reading level online and even I'm impressed.

I am blessed.

My kids are fun little people with personality in spades.

Teaching is kind of like breathing. You just do it.


Anonymous said...

My kids ask everytime we enter a store if they can go to the toy section. When I say "no", their faces just light up and then they ask if they can go to the school supplies. . .

I've yet to say no to that, and truth be told I think it's their main objective.

SmallWorld said...

"Teaching is kind of like breathing. You just do it." Exactly!

Luke said...

Great post. I've found that homeschoolers have a tendency to measure the growth of plants, so you're certainly not the only one. Rather, you are part of this great community of life long learners [smile].


Katie said...

I'm with ya...not to mention the love of office supplies!

rowrowrowyourboat said...

Love this!