Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TOS Review: Studypod

The kind people sent at Studypod sent me a bookholder. It was their intention that I hand it over to my children, let them utilize it, and then pass on to you the results of the trial.

But, folks, I must admit: I have not done my job.

See--I received the Studypod. I opened it up, fiddled with the hinges, and generally figured it out. (Took all of two minutes, by the way.)

Then I put it on my kitchen counter, plopped my Bible into it and well ...

It's kind of stayed there.

Yes, it's still on my counter. It has held my smaller, paperback cookbooks. It has stood up to my multi-tasking Bible reading as I wash dishes. It has even saved my school day on more than one occasion as I've slathered almond butter on sheaves of bread while reading aloud from whatever book we're enjoying for school. I think it may have gotten as far as the coffee table, where I used it once or twice to hold a book steady so I could read aloud while folding clothes.

So, sadly, I can not tell you what my children think of the Studypod book holder. They have not had the luxury of seeing how it fit onto their bookshelves (it's designed to stow away nicely). They haven't been able to stash pencils and whatnots in the handy front pockets. They haven't tested the ergonomic properties of the item. They haven't even been able to see how easily the pages turn while a book is held in the metal tongs.

What I can tell you is that I love the Studypod book holder. I think any homeschool that has a mother doing the bulk of the teaching via literature needs one so that she can keep her hands free even when her voice isn't. And folks, it's just $19.95. A pittance to pay for the convenience of a book held firm while a diaper is changed, a sandwich is made, or a paper airplane is folded.

Get thee a Studypod!


Benny said...

NEAT! I like that. Most definitely something to ponder. Not a bad price, either.

Thanks for the lovely review. I hope your kids get to try it out sometime. ;o)


Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I'm kind to my children! I let them borrow my StudyPod! It is a very handy gizmo, isn't it? We probably need a few more!

Anonymous said...

I so NEED one of these... I just said the other day to my dh I need something to hold my cookbooks. And I think it would be great for my son's math book.

On my Christmas list it goes!