Thursday, November 5, 2009

More updates than you can shake a stick at

There are too many loose ends trembling in the breeze at Casa Blandings right now. Some are short-term, and will be resolved as soon as either Mr. Blandings or myself finally gets the chance to make the phone call/write the email/etc. that will effectively check that item off of our to-do list. Others are more long-term aspects of our lives that are building, slowly, to a momentum. They're all linked, like a giant floor puzzle that is literally covering our lives at the moment. It feels pretty messy around here. But I can't complain, really. God is good, and He's got the details so ... don't worry, be happy, right?

Update #1--Nepal. "So, how are your plans coming?" Thanks for asking! They're going quite well, actually. Together, Mr. Blandings and I recently gave our nonprofit board and our pastor our estimated monthly expenditures. I used my handy-dandy Mac to whip up not one, but two quite posh-looking videos that outline our service goals in the area. We're working on an informational packet to send out to interested individuals and churches. And God has worked wonders; we already have a very nice portion of our support pledged ...
all without asking anyone for a dime. Nice touch, Lord!

Our target date for the actual move to Kathmandu is September or October of 2010. Prior to that, we'll be traveling cross-country for several weeks, visiting with family members who haven't seen us in years and making presentations to anyone (churches, Bible study groups, missions boards, homeschool groups, etc.) who have an interest in learning about Nepal and the work being done there. We're looking forward to the traveling, since it will be a greatly-expanded version of the adventure that brought us to WA seven years ago. I'm doing the bulk of the leg-work, so I get to squeeze in all the little spots we're dying to see as well as all the people we want to lay eyes on before we move into the next, thrilling adventure that God has planned for us.

Update #2--Bee's visa. "When are you thinking she'll get here?" That's a good one. We just don't know. A major snag has been hit in terms of securing a passport for Bee; her birthdate is glaringly incorrect on all of her official paperwork. We're talking the kind of error that puts the folks down at Homeland Security on major alert. So until that error can be corrected, we're in a holding pattern. We had hoped that she'd be with us for the holidays, but it's clear to us now that it just won't happen without God picking up Mt. Everest and dropping it in, say, WA state. Which He could do. We're not doubting that. But we're thinking February at the earliest, anyhow.

Update #3--Oli's adoption. "Is he yours yet?" Oliver's paperwork was postponed in its transition from the regular social worker's office to the adoption worker's office. This delay was caused by our beloved Georgie, who has yet to actually file, process, or do anything according to the time frame set forth by the federal government. I don't know how she manages it, actually. It's her super power or something.

So here it is November, and his adoption should have been finished in just four or five more weeks. But it won't be. We're looking at February at the earliest. Again.

Update #4--Mani's adoption. "Did his birthmom relinquish or what?" No, Manolin's birthmom has not relinquished. Choosing to stay firmly in what is becoming the familiar territory of foster care, in which the birthparents deny their inability to parent no matter what their circumstances, Mani's biomom is contesting the termination. From prison. With a ten year no contact order in place.

Termination trial is scheduled for ... wait for it ... February.

But you already knew that, right? :-)


Camille said...

What an incredible journey the Lord has you on! Many lessons in WAITING...and PATIENCE!! May the Lord continue to guide you and give you grace as you seek HIM in all of these things.

Psalm 138:8

Melissa said...

Good Gracious! Where HAVE I been? I read here a couple days a week usually and somehow I either missed the whole Bee/Nepal thing or I just forgot. Sounds really, really awesome :) Oh, and thanks. It does encourage me to know others have been there and there's a ray of hope :)

God must have big plans for February cause it looks like that's when we will be wrapped up for us too. If we aren't still waiting for the HS agency and Psychologist then. Here's hoping and praying that both boys' adoptions are done SWIFTLY!

Benny said...

February does indeed look like a big month for you guys! I hadn't realized so many things were coming to a head right then. So hopefully it is a beautiful, blessed, celebratory month at Casa Blandings!


The Hayes Zoo said...


Hmmm....there's just something about February.


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about all these delays. I know you love all your children and I'm sure that you would love for all these paperwork snafus to all be behind you. All I can say is that I will pray for your family and ask the Lord to be with your family through the holidays--to February and beyond.

Sarah said...

February should be a thrilling month, then, huh?

And...please know that when you get to my part of the country, there is ample room for all 8 of you.

Robin said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it. I know you said you would be traveling and speaking, I would love to know if you will be in our area of the country. We are in central Texas and would love to hear you share.


Susan said...

I'm praying for all of the loose ends too. If you are in our little corner of the country, we would love to have you, all of you! (Since my blog is really my secret alter-ego, just email me for the secret location, not terribly far from you in a nice vacation destination) I'm sure you could speak at our church about your mission as well.