Monday, May 3, 2010

Trying again

There's a time to keep things low-key, and a time to storm the gates. When it comes to getting a visa for Bee, our family is involved in a full-court press to get this done. The deadline? May 26. At that time, our friend who runs the orphanage will return to the States on furlough for several months. Bee will, God willing, come with him. She will most likely have to return at the end of the furlough, but we are willing to take even this small season, knowing that it may open doors for a student visa down the road.

We are praying. Oh, man, are we praying! Round one was so disappointing, so shockingly devastating, that I admit, for a while there, we were stunned into inaction. But still, the evidence of all that God did, even as He allowed for "no" to be the answer, was enough to keep us fighting to claim the promise we know He has given us. Bee is our daughter.

In addition to the prayers of the many faithful who want her home--even if only for a few months before she must return to Nepal--we have pulled in a couple of favors that we're hoping will pay off. Because of his line of work, Mr. Blandings has a handful of select political connections. Using these, he was able to procure some support letters imploring the Embassy to approve Bee's visa. We honestly didn't think this would be necessary the first time. We underestimated satan's desire to keep families apart, however. Someone told me long ago that it's in the enemy's best interest to keep children out of Christian families--even children being raised in loving, Christian orphanages. I believe that now more than ever. This isn't a battle against a stodgy branch of the US government. This is a battle against the very spirit of evil.

Right now, Bee's visa application is sitting in her orphanage home. It cannot be taken to the Embassy to be processed. Why? The political situation in Nepal, always fraught with tension, has reached another crisis moment. The Maoists have imposed an "indefinite" strike, forcing all businesses, building, etc., to close. All transportation is being done via foot or bicycle, except during select evening hours chosen in advance by the striking party. No official business is being done, be it government or otherwise. Only schools are currently open, and even that was a compromise reached after a week-long hiatus.

What do the Maoists want? They are asking that the reigning government party step down. They want the new constitution finished. And, oh yes ... they want to run the country. If they don't have their demands met? A "peaceful war" they promise. Doesn't that sound reassuring?

We want Bee here, with us. All of the powers of earth seems to be contriving to keep her in Kathmandu. Please, will you pray along with us that God steps in and provides the miracle of a timely visa? That He brings her to us? That he gives her what she is praying for?

An excerpt from Bee's most recent letter:

Now I am wondering when God will answer my prayers. I am thankful He has given me a loving family. I am missing my family. I wait for Him to do His work. Only He can bring us together! I know He can do it. I read in Bible and see things He has done. This is small thing for God. He will do this thing that we ask. Keep praying!

I thank you again for listening and praying alongside us. God hears us. He will provide!


midwest mama said...

Praying for you and your dear Bee.

TOSHeidi said...

I'll be praying. I know how hard it is to wait - and how frustrating it is when the government(s) doesn't cooperate with you. Praying that God's timing will soon be revealed!

The Reader said...

praying fervently here. I cannot imagine the emotions, knowing my daughter was in such a precarious situation, and the struggle to truly let it rest in God's hands. Praying that Bee is able to come home with your friend at the end of May.

-TxHeather/The Reader

Luke said...

Lord, move the paperwork and the logistical and political roadblocks out of the way. Bring Bee home for good and may everything be smooth this time around. Continue to give peace and wisdom, direction and clarity. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Praying for Bee and for your family that God would move mountains and you get your girl home to you soon.

Lisa C. from the Crew

EllaJac said...

oh, SO praying...

Debbie said...

Praying that you will be reunited very soon! I can't imagine how hard this must be!