Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: GroVia AI2

Like a true fluff addict, I found these diapers while I was wandering around on the internet drooling over cute diapers exhaustively researching the best resources for my newborn baby. Somewhere--I can't remember where, sorry-- I stumbled on a photo of a baby girl wearing absolutely the cutest little red flowered diaper I had ever seen. Smitten, I started hunting down the facts on this dipe, the name of which was completely new to me: GroVia.

I soon found out why I hadn't heard of it. Unlike my usual stash, these diapers were not pockets. Nor were they AIOs. Not even fitteds or prefolds. Turns out, they were covers (GroVia calls them "shells") with organic inserts ("soakers"). I was intrigued. I had had very good luck with prefolds and covers with Oli, and was looking for something that fit that same no fail category with Seven. This time around though, I had a little more money to invest and frankly, I wanted cute. Not just, "Gee, that's a nice little diaper." Huh-uh. I wanted, "Ohmygoodness, I could just eat that baby, that diaper is so stinking cute!" cute.

Newborns will do that to you. Anyhow ...

I looked into the GroVia. I agonized over whether or not I should try it out. After all, it was a whole new system. How would it jive with the laundry system I've got going with the rest of my stash? What if I hated them? What if I regretted investing in the unknown quantity? What if the velcro was bad? What if they leaked?

Finally, Mr. Blandings told me that he was sick of hearing about diapers (He just doesn't get it. Does any man?) and to just please, order the things.

So I did. I bit the bullet and bought the GroVia experience pack, which gave me two shells and four soakers for $63. I figured that the only way to really figure out if I liked the system was to give it a full try, and one shell and one soaker was just not enough.

Almost instantly, these diapers became my go-to favorite. From the second I pulled them out of the package, I knew I was in love. The cute factor--PERFECT. The performance--PERFECT. Exactly what I was looking for, and then some. I now own 5 shells and a dozen soakers, if that tells you anything. I would add more but I really can't justify it. (Not that a diaper addiction needs justification, but you know what I mean ...)

After four months of daily use (I do not use these as nighttime diapers), I have had exactly one leak with a GroVia. Contrary to my initial fear that this system would hold less due to its design, it actually holds more. I can count on this diaper under just about any situation. The one leak in question came during a long ride in the Ergo that would have most likely resulted in any diaper failing. The GroVia fit my chunky-monkey daughter perfectly. The leg elastic is just right for her little thunder thighs (no red marks, no gapping), and the rise is not too high, nor too low on her pudgy little belly.

So what makes the GroVias my faves? 

First, I love the shells. The outside is by far the nicest I've felt on a cover. The aplix is super sticky and adheres anywhere on the front of the face panel, providing an amazing fit. In addition, GroVia has mastered the laundering issue by including an ingenious little loop of fabric that protects the aplix in the wash. No more diaper chains! No more picking random fluff from the tabs! It truly puts other brands to shame, I have to say. (I also have two of the snap styles, and am equally as in love with them.)

The brilliant laundry loop.

Next are the soakers themselves. This is the business end of the diaper, so no matter how fabulous the shells are, if they don't perform, well ... what's the point? Again, though, GroVia does not disappoint. The layered design of these organic cotton inserts ensures that they hold more than a traditional prefold, but maintain a much slimmer profile. Thanks to a neat snap feature, they also stay in place. And then there are these neat little "gutters" that gusset around the legs (yes, on the soaker!). You know how most "just change the insert and you can reuse the cover" systems fail miserably because every time the baby poops, you have to ditch the cover automatically? Well ... not the case with my GroVia. Yes, it does happen from time to time--especially with the softer newborn poops. But even in the earliest weeks, GroVia did the job beautifully. You really can make it through the day with just two covers, thanks to soakers that do what they're meant to do.

A view of the gusset on the snap-in soaker.

Did I mention that these diapers are one-size? Seven is now 20 lbs., and still on the second rise setting.
Seven in GroVia OS AI2 at 6 weeks.

Seven in the same GroVia at almost 6 months.

GroVia are hybrids, meaning that you can also use a disposable insert with your shells if you choose. I can't speak to that as I've no need for that particular function.

Laundering is easier than pockets. As I noted earlier, the laundry loops are a handy little bonus. I wash my covers separately from my soakers (one warm wash for shells, hang dry) out of personal preference, but it's not necessary.

So I'm blissfully happy with my perfect diaper. And so is Seven. 

This is an unsolicited review. I did not receive this product in exchange for my sharing about it. This is a review of an item I personally purchased, so take it for what it is.


Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this! They are TOO SWEET! I am hooked on my FUZZIBUNZ for now! Baby Blakely at 8 months is STILL in a perfect size small FB and I LOVE THEM! They are the ONLY thing I have tried so far and they worked! I got a GREAT deal on them at babyhalfoff and at first just bought a few and was HOOKED! The hubby, NOT SO MUCH! BIG HUGS TO SEVEN! PS-I may just try these too, what the HECK!

Erin said...

Ahhh... sooo cute! I've wondered what makes them different from just a trifolded prefold in a cover, but I get it now!

I shouldn't have read this post, really. Temptation rears it's ugly head! ;-)

Jennifer Jo said...

I want to squeeze her!

Susan said...

Thanks for the review! I am just looking for new diapers as some of mine are wearing out. (4-5 children later) I'm going to give them a try!

Benny said...

Sounds like the PERFECT new baby gift. ;o)

The Hayes Zoo said...

This makes me want to foray into the cloth diaper realm. BADLY. :)

Traci said...

I just want the baby! She looks scrumptious! Ok ok the diaper is adorable too but mostly because of the model :)

Lindsay and Co. said...

We have the former versions the GroBaby's and they are my favorite day-time diapers. They are very daddy-friendly too.
Night time? I recommend fitteds (or prefolds with doublers) with a felted wool cover. I use Organic Caboose and it has NEVER leaked. 14 hours the other night. Highly recommended, and glad you like your GVs :)

Unknown said...

Undoubtedly better than Baby Spanx:

mary grace said...

Baby Spanx ... ahh, yes. Seven would definitely qualify. LOL!

The Hayes Zoo said...

Oh my word, MG. In looking for new dipes for Charlotte, I remembered your review of the GroVia system. I forgot completely that I'd posted on here and that she was wearing that stinkin' cute RED diaper.

Guess what I got the other day via a friend who hunts on diaperswappers??? THAT EXACT DIAPER!!!

We're finding GroVias to be one of the better fits for Charlotte's hip issues. We need super trim and these do pretty well. The newer AIO are even more trim it seems but I'm pretty darn happy with them!! :)