Wednesday, March 2, 2011


No, it isn't any easier the 6th time around ... because it's still the first time for the little one in question.

Seven is rarely unhappy. In fact, she cries so infrequently that the merest glimmer of a whimper stops everyone in the house--toddlers included--dead in their tracks.

"Momma! Momma! Baby crying!" Oli implored me this morning. Seven was strapped into the ergo, riding out the pain just inches below my chin. Yes, I knew the baby was crying. But how to tell well-meaning, soft-hearted Oli that there just wasn't anything I could do about it?

Later, Jo begged me to let her try and work her magic on her beloved baby sister. She rocked, cajoled, bounced... to no avail. Finally satisfied that she could do nothing else, she handed Seven back to me. and fled upstairs, where at least the sound of a whimpering baby was less obvious.

Teething gel. Cold wash cloths. Counter pressure with whatever is at hand. Tylenol.

"Theben ith thad," Mani nodded solemnly at lunch as I struggled to latch a sobbing, writhing baby to my breast. For those not blessed with a sweetly lisping two year-old, I'll translate, and let Mani sum it all up for you:

Seven is sad. And so are we.


Kate said...

Ahhh.....those days. Poor baby/poor mommy

Lindsay and Co. said...

:( We're going through it too, on number 2. Have you tried amber teething necklaces? I will swear by them from now on, as I've forgotten to put it back on after bathtime and there is a huge difference in uncomfortable-ness, drooling and snottiness. In my opinion, it's worth a shot.

The Reader said...

I know this is your 6th, so maybe you know this but have you tried the Hyland's Teething Tablets? Worked wonders for my youngest. Might be worth a shot.

I hope she's happy again soon!

Luke said...

Sad times.

May the pain subside soon!


Benny said...

Oh. Poor Theben. ;o)

I hope at least that she's a fast teether. It's so hard when the little ones feel that way for weeks or months on end.

And for what it's worth - my guys loved to eat frozen peas at that point. Not sure if she's a gagger, but mine always ate them pre-teeth and enjoyed mashing them up so cold on their little sore gums before swallowing them whole without trouble. Hope you find something that eases the pain a bit!


The Hayes Zoo said...

Poor everyone.

Susan in the Boonies said...

Poor Theben!!!

mary grace said...

We haven't tried the amber necklace (that's a new one on me), but the Hyland's Teething Tabs have always been my go-to ... sadly, they have been recalled. Apparently, they had too much belladonna in them and I should thank the Lord that I didn't poison my other teething kiddos. ((sigh))

Glenn Koehm said...

Hang in there, Mary Grace! The faster you calm her down, the easier will things go for all of you! Teething is a crucial part of a baby's dental growth. It might take a painfully long time, but it'll be worth it in the end.