Friday, July 22, 2011


After posting my thoughts on high school the other day, I got loads of email. The number one topic was how I'd probably regret not towing the party line when Jo started applying for colleges, and hopefully I'd learn my lesson in time to get Atticus' high school house in order.

I appreciate all of the feedback, and tried to respond to each person individually. If somehow I missed you, drop me another line and I'll get back to you, o.k.? 

The second burning question that folks had for me regarding that post was:

So, what WILL Jo be using for 9th grade?

The answer to that one's straight forward enough for a Friday morning blog post: her primary curriculum will be Sonlight's Core 200, History of God's Kingdom.

After weighing a couple of options, the curricula selection team (ie, Mr. Blandings, myself, and Jo) settled on Core 200. Why? First and foremost, it addresses the top priority in our choosing to home educate our children: God. Second of all, it uses tons of thought-provoking books to dig deeper into faith matters. And third, the literature selections struck a nice chord between "academic overload" and "pleasure reading."

Also, there was the small matter of a newly revamped IG that has a companion Student Guide. On our quest to lead our children to take charge of their education (we're praying that our children lead satisfying lives of autodidacticism well beyond their years of "formal" education), we've always felt that allowing them to have a voice in their curricular choices and eventually giving them some control in their schedule, etc., would work to that end. A Student Guide that puts assignments, notes, and timeframes in her hands is just what we were looking for. Mr. Blandings and I retain the accountability factor, but some freedom can be issued. Perfect!

There are other components for grade 9 for Jo. But this is the part you all really wanted to know, right? :-)


Charlotte in MN said...

I only have 1 in high school (a junior next year) and another in 8th grade. High school has just been a continuation of the learning that we did before. Is it the same as traditional high school - no. Am I concerned they won't get into college if they want to? No. They won't be taking a highly competitive school anyway. I am not raising a high school or college student. I am raising them to adulthood. I want lifelong learners.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Sam is going into 4th grade this year, but we're already looking forward to Core 200. A whole year studying about God's Kingdom? I can't wait. Seriously. What a wonderful year Jo has before her. I hope you (or Jo) share some of the highlights.

Karen (KayKay) said...

Loved the high school post and definitely remember having all those same feelings when my oldest was entering those years. Good for you for staying faithful to the reasons you began to homeschool in the first place and not bowing to the pressure. It's a scary time and people just want to think that they are doing it *right* and that can make them sort of bossy. ;) We just kept on doing what was best for our children, received the questions and raised eyebrows with as much grace as we could muster. They got into college and are becoming loving, "successful" people despite the naysayers. It's a wonderful time. I envy you and your daughter being at the beginning of the journey.

Luke said...

Sounds like a fantastic plan to me! ...of course, I'm more than a little biased [smile].


The Hayes Zoo said...

I have been drooling over that core for quite some time. Anxious to hear your reviews as you're in the thick of it.