Monday, August 1, 2011

Images from the first day

We started our new school year today. There were some workbooks.

There was some reading.

There were little guys figuring out how things work.

There were chances to bless one another by helping.

And there were hands to keep busy during read alouds, of course.

We're off and running on another leg of our homeschool adventure!


Luke said...

Woo-hoo! Another year of homeschooling is underway. Enjoy [smile].


Ruby, accepted in the Beloved... said...

What are those great looking building toys in the last photo, MG? I need some new "keep 'em busy" toys for our school year!
I find it funny that no matter how hard the previous school year has been, I always look forward to the next one! I'm expecting a few shipments of curriculum thus week & I'm so excited...

Mary Grace said...

Ruby, those are amazingly fun "Straws and Connectors"! I found them on Rainbow, picked up two boxes, and am SO pleased with them.