Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To Bee, or not to Bee

Mr. Blandings and Atticus are in the throes of packing for their journey to Kathmandu. We've got travel-sized shampoos, lots of granola bars (Atticus is not a fan of spicy dal bhat), and the three-volume set of  LoTR. There are also mounds and mounds of fleece hats, thick tights, and warm scarves ready to envelop the beautiful boys and girls at the children's home.

Tucked in amongst the necessities and the niceties are some papers. Some potentially very important papers.

Bee's latest visa request.

If you ever needed proof that the Blandings clan is willing to persevere in spite of repeated, emphatic "that's impossible" statements, well ... here it is.

Visa try, round four.

Honestly, we were reluctant to even consider approaching the embassy again. The last attempt to get Bee's visa was such an utter failure that we wondered if the time, effort, and yes, money, was simply a distraction from our bigger goal of moving to Nepal as missionaries. Bee, however, was eager to try one more time. In spite of the odds. In spite of the hassle. In spite of the very real possibility that this could be another heartache in the making.

Which proves that she's a Blandings, in case that was ever in doubt.

I humbly ask you to be in prayer for my family over the next two weeks. My guys leave November 12 and return Thanksgiving Day. Specifically, prayers are needed for:

  • Bee's visa application--that God would place a sympathetic ear at the visa window, maybe even a Christian!
  • Health for Mr. Blandings and Atticus--who have both been exposed to a yucky cold that might make such a long airplane journey quite uncomfortable.
  • Things here at Casa Blandings to be boring. No illness, no attitude issues, no rocked boats.
  • Safe travel for my menfolk and, God willing, my girl, too.
  • A time of spiritual feast for me, that I would use the empty evenings to draw nearer to God and to listen to Him more closely than I can in my busy day-to-day routine.


Susan in the Boonies said...

Asking for God's blessing on your family as the trip plans finalize and are accomplished, that His will would reign supreme, that all would find peace therein, and for sweet, joyfilled, boring times while the Pater Familias is away!

Michelle said...

You have my prayers. I especially like your request for things to be boring at Casa Blandings. I know EXACTLY what you mean there. I have a motto: "Boring is GOOD!" LOL!

Pam Barnhill said...

I will certainly add my prayers for all of these things. Please excuse my ignorance, but how does the VISA process work? You are approaching the American Embassy and they are denying your request? If so, is there a Congress person(s) we could flood with letters on your behalf or am I way off-base here? Praying

mary grace said...

Pam, the American Embassy processes requests in a not-quite-even handed way. Preference is given to people of specific backgrounds and economic classes for a variety of reasons--some very good, and some not-so-good. Bee is a Nepali orphan with no money in the bank and no irrefutable proof that she will not burden the already taxed US system even more. She has been denied based on those facts. We understand, but are heartbroken.

Sandi said...

Will pray for sure.

Liz said...


Pam Barnhill said...

Thanks Mary Grace. Will keep on praying then.

Susan said...

I will pray daily for the next couple of weeks. Truly, I'm happy to know that Bee continues to have hope! A young woman of lesser faith might have thrown up her hands and given up. I'm so encouraged to know that she lifted her hands and stepped out in faith. Praise God.