Sunday, September 2, 2007

The New and Improved Schedule

Keeper of a tight ship I am not. Sure, I tend to have things running along at a fairly good clip. But my natural default mode is decidedly sedentary (ie, reading--alone or to my kiddos) and that really doesn't translate into a whole lot of laundry getting folded or dishes getting washed--let alone the other stuff my children will need to know someday, like how to calculate the area of a triangle. (Oh, wait--I'm not totally convinced that they will ever need to calculate the area of a triangle. And, if they do, I know that they are smart enough to google it to get thorough instructions.)

We do well enough, really. We put in more than our states' required number of school hours (not to mention school subjects). My children love learning and have no problem digging into some pretty deep topics on their own. And really, you can learn a lot from just reading good books. Look at Beatrix Potter, for goodness sake! :-)

But this year, with the responsibility of educating three brilliant little blessings dangling over my head, I thought that my former dabbling in scheduling should start to look a bit more like actual, real scheduling. After a few stabs at trying to juggle the fact that there are three students in this one room schoolhouse and only one teacher, I think I came up with a fairly workable outline. Here's a peek at the plan ... which will of course be modified as we go along.

6:30 a.m.--MG up, make coffee, Bible time
7 a.m.--Jo & Atticus private Bible time, Logan breakfast helper
7:30 a.m.--eat breakfast, devotion time with entire family (yes, we do devotions over omelettes)
8:30 a.m.--All, morning chores
9 a.m.--MG shower, Jo finish chores/Spanish, Atticus read to Logan
9:30 a.m.--MG reading lesson with Logan, Jo LA, Atticus Spanish/cursive
10 a.m.--MG Math-U-See with Jo and Atticus, Logan painting or drawing
10:30 a.m.--MG Math-U-See with Logan, Others finish lesson and/or AWANA
11 a.m.--MG Language Arts with Atticus & Logan, Jo make lunch
11:30 a.m.--lunch (history read aloud over lunch)
12 p.m.--MG computer, dc reading in rooms
12:30 p.m.-MG phone calls, quiet time (drawing, writing, etc.) in rooms
1 p.m.--All family read aloud
1:30 p.m.--All Science/Art (alternate)
2 p.m.--All English from the Roots Up
2:30 p.m. --Jo & Atticus Greek, Logan Spanish or computer game
3 p.m.-- MG one-on-one time with Atticus, Jo & Logan play board game
3:30 p.m.--MG one-on-one time with Jo, Atticus & Logan play game
4 p.m.--All chess/music (alternate)
4:30 p.m.--All Journal/Drawing/free writing
5 p.m.--MG make dinner, Atticus dinner helper, Jo free, Logan Lincoln Logs
5:30 p.m.--Dinner
7 p.m.--MG read to boys, Jo French w/ Dad
7:30 p.m.--MG free, Jo reading with Dad, Atticus reading in bed, Logan bedtime
8 p.m.--Jo reading in bed, Atticus bedtime
8:30 p.m.--Jo bedtime

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