Monday, November 5, 2007

All I want for Christmas

It may not be the fashion statement of the stars, but if I've learned one thing during my tenure as a wife and mother, it's this: aprons rock.

Cooking something that might splatter? Wear an apron. Assisting a creative 5 yo with his latest art supplies? Wear an apron. Brushing a 120 lb. German Shepherd? Wear an apron. Cutting rose buds for a vase? Wear an apron. Baking cookies? Wear an apron. Performing a fizzy science experiment?

You get the point.

Since I spend such a large part of my day wearing an apron, you'd think I'd have a whole collection of really cute ones that I rotate. Alas, I do not. Since I am sewing inept in addition to being financially challenged, my entire wardrobe of aprons consists of:

(Yes, I really like toile. And yes, I do look exactly like my curtains, thankyouverymuch.)

At any rate, I'd really like to find a cute, cheap apron that will take as much wear and tear as the old stand-by
toile. I realized this need today as I pulled on my apron to make breakfast (apple heart pizzas, mmmmm!) and noticed that well ... it's seen better days. All that rescuing of my "street clothes" has taken a toll on my toile. ((sigh)) Maybe I should fake the Santa thing and see if he stuffs one down the exhaust port on my gas fireplace.

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Jana said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised, but I love toile, too, and actually, the print of your apron is the EXACT same as the one I chose for my kitchen curtains last year!!