Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Homeschool Family

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog parents (and schools) only three children, none of whom show any professional aptitude in the areas of surgery or the legal arts. Blogger denies owning white conversion van and will display title to '99 black GMC Suburban upon receipt of written, notarized request. Said blogger freely admits to receiving wry glances from her neighbors, having in her home one set of Speed Staxx cups (complete with instructional video), not supporting establishments with owls for mascots, and having a child who is the proud owner of two spelling medals.


~ Angi :) said...


I thought "What on earth is she talking about?? What does she have up her sleeve?!?!?"

My daughter stared, non-blinking style. My son laughed at the black eye.



Joyce said...

That is cute. Are you sure you only have 3? Only? heehee

Steve Sensenig said...

We laughed together watching this, too. Several times, in fact! ;)

steve :)
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