Sunday, December 2, 2007

How was your in-law's visit, MG?

It went really well, thanks for asking.

Dh's mom seems to have discovered the wisdom of taking hormones (which I have maintained that she needed for the past decade). Say what you will about those little faux woman-stuff pills, but here's my testimony:

Dmil had only been on the things for six days when she arrived on our doorstep. She was a bit catty, but still a far more tame version of herself than I have come to expect in recent history. Her nasty comments, intolerable hot flashes that cause her to rage at innocent bystanders and generally foul mood were in shorter supply than I can recall since dh and I tied the knot. Still, there were more than a few snide side comments, mostly pointed in my direction, and nearly all having to do with the fact that I ordered our turkey dinner from a grocery store.

By day eight on the medication, she was almost mellow. No joke, guys. She averaged one nasty comment a day from then on, and was so darn amiable that dh and I let her take our kids to the movies without us. We were that certain that she wouldn't pull a "Grandma Dearest" on them. She even ate a meal at a restaurant without sending any portion of her meal back. You really can't grasp how unlike her that is.

This was an earth-shattering difference. Prayer and hormones. A winning combination!


~ Angi :) said...

Why am I compelled to comment after *almost* every one of your posts??? Egads! [ahem. however . . .]

I am stunned. WHY didn't I think to ask you how it went? WHY was I amazed when you posted sooner than I expected? Hmm. I never dreamed hormones would have had such an impact. I am left speechless. (Can you tell me where to get the pretty little pills? After two meltdowns in as many days, I think my dh would very much appreciate it.)

(Egads. I just typed dh. *sigh* I've crossed a line. . . ) :)

Congrats on a (semi) functional family event!! :)

KH said...

We ordered our turkey dinner from the grocery store too and it was fabulous! My dh doesn't want it any other way now! :-)

Anyway, yes, hormones are powerful little things. Watch her closely though... she could swing the other way. Is her doctor going to monitor as her body adjusts? Long story short... I was on some hormonal pills once that literally sent me into a suicidal depression before my mom finally figured out what was going on (it was the pills). It can be a blessing and it can scary!

I'm glad that it is mellowing out your MIL... it may surprise herself too... she may find she is happier than she's been in a long, long time!