Thursday, March 27, 2008

Falling in love

A perfectly mundane, perfectly miraculous moment:

Oliver-- soft baby flesh naked but for a diaper--in my arms as I approached the top of the stairs. I'd just been at work on his horrendously chopped, beautiful hair, trying to begin the process of putting to rights what will someday be a head full of brown locks. The fly-away strands tickled my nose as he bobbed from side to side in my arms, trying to get a better view of the massive dog that is somehow always underfoot these days. I glanced down to get a glimpse of his delight at seeing the dog. Just then, he flicked his eyes up at me. And there we were, grinning at each other. A long second and then ... a huge grin spread across his face, and he began his manic happy baby dance. Arms flailing, feet kicking, knees bump-bumping my sides. His hands grabbed around my neck and he burrowed his face into my collarbone, still wiggling ecstatically.

My heart almost burst. It was the almost-painful moment I can clearly remember with each of my bio kids--the absolute second that I felt like this baby was mine, and that to be without him or her in my life would be like deciding to try to live without air.

I am head over heels in love.


Sarah said...

Oh, I'm crying with ya tears of happiness, joy and blessing.

~ Angi :) said...

{choking back tears}

oh, so beautiful . . .

{turning my head away because it hurts}

so true.

how wonderful to be in love.

Paula said...

Isn't the love God fills us with for the new ones in our life incredible? And yet...He loves us even more than that. AMAZING!

Karla said...

And once all the legal stuff is cleared, you will totally forget that you aren't the one who gave birth to him. I promise!

God is so good.