Sunday, March 2, 2008

A MeMe and a CONTEST

Thanks to Paula, who tagged me to do a 5*5*5*5*5*Book MeMe.

Here's what you have to do....

*1* Get your favorite book
*2* Turn to page 55
*3* From the top of the page, count down to the 5th sentence
*4* Write it and the following four (a grand total of 5 sentences)
*5* Tag 5 more people

So, here goes:

He wanted, even though he was just a boy himself, some babies. His heart melted around them, his spirit soared. He might not have been able to put it into words, but they made him noble, they raised him up.
And he wanted that little four-eyed gal, the one he had seen at a basketball game over by Gadsden on the Alabama side. There was just something about a black-haired girl with blue eyes.

Here's the fun part. Name the author and title of the book (no googling, people--let's keep it fun!) and I'll put together a little prize to send your way! :-) This one could be a toughie, so pass it on to people you think just might know the book I'm quoting from.

Here's who I'm tagging:
Sarah at Ponderings... because she runs a very cool book club
Kindred Blessings because she's a new blogger and avid reader
Anya at St. Udio just because I want you to visit her blog and congratulate her on her new little ones
Jana at The Joy Box because I am sincerely curious as to what her favorite book might be
Angi at Choice Central because I am still amazed that she has time to pick up a book to even flip to page 55, let alone read it.


Paula said...

Hey MG...thanks for playing! What a fun idea to turn it into a contest. I, unfortunately have no clue although it sounds familiar. Of course, I'm one of those people who can read a book and not realize until 1/2 way through that I've already read it. :0)

Jana Carlson said...

MG, I just can't do it. I'm so flattered that you tagged me, but honestly, I CANNOT PICK A FAVORITE BOOK! I'm ASTONISHED by those who can name just one. Not me. I'm overwhelmed by the thought. I'll think of one, and then I think, "OH! But what about THAT one?" And on and on and on. Sorry to totally let you down. If you want to know what SEVERAL of my favorite books are, you can always just ask! :)

Mary Grace said...

No worries, Jana. I can;t name just ONE either. I just picked from my pool of usual suspects--although I do admit that I picked one of the less mainstream ones so it would be a challenge. :-)

Karla said...

I have no idea what book you quoted from, but I want to read it! So I am going to Google it and see if I can discover what it is. If I can't, you're gonna have to tell me!

Jana said...

I've decided to indulge you a little. I've chosen two of my faves. Can you guess which ones they are?

"You have awfully hairy legs, Charlotte," said Wilbur, as the spider busily worked at her task.
"My legs are hairy for a good reason," replied Charlotte. "Furthermore, each leg of mine has seven sections - the coxa, the trochanter, the femur, the patella, the tibia, the metatarsus, and the tarsus."
Wilbur sat bolt upright. "You're kidding," he said.

That one was obvious. Here's the second:

He was completely taken aback. He had a long speech all prepared to give to Lucy, but when he saw the glow of peace on her face, his tongue could not form the words. He could not believe his eyes. He scrutinized her with what he intended to be devastating accuracy. And now - now he felt helplessly unprepared and inadequate to say anything.

Sarah said...

"Do you never imagine things different from what they really are?" asked Anne wide-eyed.
"Oh!" Anne drew a long breath. "Oh, Miss--Marilla, how much you miss!"

Well, that was certainly obvious, huh? And, BTW, my super book club has not read this book. I don't know how it didn't make WEM!